The best way to deal with white garbage

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Ukraine has a way to deal with "white garbage"

how to deal with discarded white plastic bags and other polyethylene products has always been a headache for environmental protection experts. Kherson biochemical plant in Ukraine adopts original technology to make "white waste gb1194 with 10 years of experience 5- ⑴ 999" into asbestos tiles, floor paper and other building materials, and has made remarkable achievements in turning waste into "treasure". Electronic extensometers are widely used. According to the measurement method, they are divided into conventional contact extensometers and high fidelity non-contact video optical extensometers. Contact extensometers can be used for ordinary metal plates, bars, pipes, etc. video optical extensometers can be used for optical fiber cables, metal foils, fiber filaments, etc. that are difficult to measure by conventional extensometers, with no knife edge damage, no sliding error The factory takes the waste polyethylene film, plastic bags and other chemical polymers as the main raw materials, and makes these wastes that pose a hazard to the environment into various products such as roof tiles, floor paper, pipes, blackboards, etc., realizing the recycling of waste with the combination of economic and social benefits. This technology has been highly praised by experts from Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries. The first batch of high-quality asbestos tiles produced by the factory has been bought by a Turkish company

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