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China's top ten development and application directions of artificial intelligence in the future

artificial intelligence has become a new focus of international competition. Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading the future. Major developed countries in the world regard the development of artificial intelligence as a major strategy to enhance national competitiveness and maintain national security

The rapid development of artificial intelligence will profoundly change human social life and the world. In order to seize the major strategic opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, build the first mover advantage in the development of artificial intelligence in China, and accelerate the construction of an innovative country and a world power in science and technology, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council deployed and formulated the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" in 2017 against the background of this era and the reduction of failures

there is a good foundation for the development of artificial intelligence in China. The state has deployed key projects of national key R & D plans such as intelligent manufacturing, issued and implemented the three-year action implementation plan of Internet + artificial intelligence. After years of continuous accumulation, China has made important progress in the field of artificial intelligence. The number of international scientific and technological papers published and invention patents authorized has ranked second in the world, and important breakthroughs have been made in core key technologies in some fields

by 2025, the basic theory of artificial intelligence will achieve a major breakthrough, artificial intelligence will become the main driving force driving China's industrial upgrading and economic transformation, and the construction of an intelligent society will make positive progress

frontier scientific research in the basic theory of artificial intelligence

1 Big data intelligence theory. Research on the combination of data-driven and knowledge guidance. The new materials released by formlabs this time print out a new method of customized earplug intelligence, cognitive computing theory and method with natural language understanding and image graphics as the core, comprehensive deep reasoning and creative artificial intelligence theory and method, basic theory and framework of intelligent decision-making under incomplete information, data-driven general artificial intelligence mathematical model and theory, etc

2. Cross media aware computing theory. Research on perceptual acquisition beyond human visual ability, active visual perception and calculation for the real world, auditory perception and calculation of natural acoustic scenes, and speech perception and calculation of natural interactive environment

several development directions of China's artificial intelligence industry after more than 10 years

artificial intelligence has become a new engine of economic development. As the core driving force of the new round of industrial reform, artificial intelligence will further release the huge energy accumulated in previous scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms, form new demands for intelligence in all fields from macro to micro, give birth to new technologies, new products, new industries, new formats and new models, trigger major changes in the economic structure, and realize the overall leap of social productivity

at present, artificial intelligence has gradually entered the industrialization stage. The development of artificial intelligence technology is in the laboratory stage driven by academia. Customers who have learned and used our products will feel durable. The industrialization stage is jointly promoted by the technical and industrial circles. Its development direction is:

1 Intelligent manufacturing. 2. Intelligent agriculture. 3. Intelligent logistics. 4. Smart finance. 5. Intelligent commerce. 6. Smart home. 7. Intelligent education. 8. Intelligent robot. 9. Intelligent vehicle. 10. Virtual reality and augmented reality

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