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Ten categories of food in Xinjiang will enter the QS era

after the implementation of QS for five categories of food, namely rice, noodles, edible vegetable oil, soy sauce and vinegar, the production process and use requirements such as the opening of conditioning bags and the packaging speed of packaging machines can be controlled. Another 10 categories of food in Xinjiang will implement the food quality and safety market access system next year

these 10 kinds of food are dairy products, meat products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen rice noodles and puffed food. At that time, the 10 categories of food that have not obtained the food production license, passed the inspection and affixed with the QS mark will not be allowed to be sold on the market

yesterday, the quality supervision departments of the autonomous region and Urumqi jointly released this news

then, Urumqi Bureau of quality supervision first conducted on-site food quality audit on the frozen drinks of Mengniu Dairy Xinjiang Tianxue Food Co., Ltd. This marks that Urumqi Bureau of quality supervision has officially launched the QS evidence collection and audit of the above 10 categories of food

at the audit site, the director of the quality supervision department of Urumqi Bureau of quality supervision ISO 11439 ISO 9809, According to the requirements of ECE r 110 and other specifications, Li Zhong said: "At present, there are more than 80 enterprises involved in the production and sales of these 10 types of food in Urumqi. By the end of this year, we will take the lead in conducting on-site audits of four enterprises, namely, gairui dairy company, Yili dairy Xinjiang branch, xiang3, Bala food company, which confirmed the limit position before the experiment, and Mengniu Dairy Xinjiang Tianxue Co., Ltd. the audit items mainly include two links: quality management and technical inspection. If they pass the audit, these enterprises will The food produced will be pasted with QS certification mark after 120 days. "

he said that in the future, consumers must recognize the QS certification mark on the factory packaging of these products if they want to buy the above 10 categories of food. QS is not only the "ticket" for products to enter the market, but also an important certificate for consumers to distinguish whether food quality is safe or not

relevant personnel of Urumqi Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the main purpose of implementing the food quality and safety market access system for these 10 categories of food is to ensure that consumers eat more reassuring food from the source

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qs is the abbreviation of quality safety in English. Xinjiang has implemented QS market access system since October 2002

qs logo is mainly blue, the letters "Q" and "quality safety" are blue, and the letter "s" is white. The style, size and color of food market access logo have specific production requirements

the food quality and safety market access system is a regulatory system that allows producers with specified conditions to carry out production and business activities and food with specified conditions to produce and sell in order to ensure the quality and safety of food

implementing the food quality and safety market access system is a government action and an administrative licensing system

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