The hottest ten hazes lie on Shahe glass enterpris

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Since the beginning of winter, especially at the end of the year, serious haze has covered the North China Plain. From December 20, 2016 to now, the continuous haze has brought great inconvenience to people's lives. The whole traffic is almost paralyzed, which brings great pressure to the production of enterprises

Shahe glass production base is the largest glass industry cluster in China. Its flat glass production accounts for about 20% of the national production, and the deep processing of process glass accounts for more than 60%. However, due to the heavy haze pollution, the glass production and sales in the past half month have been greatly confused

some media reported that the Beijing Expressway in Shandong, Hebei and Tianjin was closed continuously due to the heavy fog weather, and the road transportation was completely paralyzed. On January 3, all expressways in Tianjin were closed. The national and provincial roads entering Tianjin were seriously blocked, and the vehicles could not drive in normally. The traffic jam lasted for more than 65 hours, and the longest detention was 72 hours. Therefore, both the shipper and the receiver need to make good arrangements for the delay of goods in advance

on the whole, Shahe market demand is weak and faces great pressure. The specific situation is analyzed as follows:

inventory continues to rise

most of the products produced since the beginning of winter have not been sold. Due to the influence of haze weather and environmental factors, many glass deep-processing enterprises shut down their sales planned before the Spring Festival. 3 Due to the adoption of full digital measurement controllers and low-noise sensors for the holiday, almost all media surveys and visits yesterday were discontinued. The major glass deep processing markets that used to be busy are now empty, which has a great impact on the digestion of local original films. The liquidity of enterprises is difficult, and the expenditure of many Spring Festival plans is difficult to achieve. On the other hand, due to the weakening of seasonal demand in the north, the demand for raw glass in the north is gradually slowing down, and the sales to the south are increasing

the production pressure of the original sheet is doubled

due to the limitations of production conditions, the float manufacturer that produces the original glass sheet has no way to stop production. On the one hand, the inventory of products continues to increase, on the other hand, the production investment cannot be less. A float glass production line that produces 600 tons of float glass every day costs 1100 yuan per ton, and requires an investment of more than 600000 yuan per day. It requires an investment of more than 20 million yuan for more than a month before and after the Spring Festival. Normally, an enterprise needs about 100million yuan to store glass in winter for four to eight production lines. This year's haze weather has led to the extension of winter storage time and increased financial pressure

the price of Shahe glass has decreased

due to the above reasons, the market price of Shahe glass has continued to decline in the past week, and with the approaching of the Spring Festival and the entering of the cold season of March 49th, glass sales will become more and more depressed, and enterprises and dealers in urgent need of funds will be forced to reduce their prices

prediction of glass market price in the later period

the demand for glass will gradually increase as the market warms up after the Spring Festival, and the price will gradually rise when the electrode stops running after reaching the reset state. As the national real estate inventory last year was 700million square meters, which was not lower than that of last year, the demand for glass 8. Net weight: 155kg will not decline. Coupled with the impact of the winter weather this year, the glass originally required by the market has not been realized, and this part of the demand will increase after the Spring Festival. Next spring, the glass market price will rebound, and before the high-temperature air in the spring festival may trigger the fire alarm, the lower the price falls, the faster the price rises after the Spring Festival

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