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Introduction to the China trip of the temporary fuel economy competition: the temporary fuel economy competition China trip of the second generation of energy-saving products of the temporary fuel economy competition is famous, and the fuel economy is as high as 11.834l/h. On September 19, 2012, the China trip activity of fuel economy power jointly organized by Shandong temporary labor and Weichai Power was grandly held in Baishan, Jilin Province. The managers of the East and North districts of Shandong temporary labor quanchuanyin and Weichai

the second generation of energy-saving products of Shandong Lingong are famous, and the fuel economy is as high as 11.834l/h

on September 19, 2012, the "oil-saving carton design and production do not meet the requirements and force China Travel" activity jointly organized by Shandong Lingong and Weichai Power was grandly held in Baishan, Jilin Province. Jiang Zhongmin, the manager of northeast region economics quanchuanyin of Shandong Lingong and the director of Changchun center of Weichai Power, as well as the management personnel of Lingong dealers and 200 customers participated in this activity

when entering the scene, three loaders of different brands numbered a, B and C were striking. Among them, a was the mechanical index to evaluate the large diameter. Lg953n, the second generation energy-saving ace product of Shandong Lingong, left a deep impression on the customers present with its beautiful and distinctive appearance design and comfortable driving environment. Amid the passionate music, the host announced the start of the fuel-efficient power China Baishan station jointly organized by Shandong Lingong and Weichai Power. Under the command of the referee, three loaders were in place in front of the three sand piles, and the oil gauge was cleared. The staff randomly selected three spectators at the scene, and after getting on the bus to verify that the oil gauge was cleared, the three loaders began to operate at the same time

Shandong Lingong "fuel saving power China trip" Jilin Baishan station site

Lingong second generation energy-saving loader lg953n at the fuel saving competition site

customers left the table one after another, and came to the scene with great interest to stop and watch. The excited cries of the audience overshadowed the roar of the motor on the scene, and the cheering sound rose from wave to wave. The skilled driving skills of the drivers on the site are almost the same, which highlights the performance of the new temporary loader, which is fast, easy to control and good at turning. In order to eliminate the driver's operation error, the driver has to exchange every 10 minutes, but no matter which driver operates, there will always be an interesting scene. The temporary truck has been unloaded and has gone to the next pile to wait for loading, while the B and C trucks have just finished unloading and have been left half a circle. In less than 10 minutes, the customer has filled out the fuel saving quiz card. The answer is obvious to all. Everyone unanimously chose lg953n as the most fuel-efficient. After three rounds of competition, the victory and defeat have already been divided. After the customer confirmed the oil gauge data and calculated that the fuel consumption of lg953n per hour is 14.156l, 6.75l/h less than that of vehicle B and 11.834l/h less than that of vehicle C. the fuel saving capacity of lg953n is much higher than that of competitors. Through this competition, we watched the competition between real knives and real guns, and recognized the superior performance and excellent fuel-saving effect of the temporary new products

at the luncheon of the new product promotion conference at noon, yingchengfeng, regional manager of Shandong Lingong Jilin Province, explained the corporate culture and new product characteristics of Lingong to customers, so that customers had a deeper theoretical understanding of the new generation of energy-saving products of Lingong. Many potential clients of Lingong said that the fuel-saving performance of Lingong's new slider and punch straight-line downward products is indeed outstanding. Seeing is believing. It's a worthwhile trip. In the future, Lingong's products will be given priority when purchasing machines

with the cooperation of Shandong Lingong and Weichai Power, this "fuel saving power China trip" Baishan station activity has achieved a complete success, making new and old customers fully feel the appeal of Lingong brand and the enthusiasm and sincerity of Lingong people, and witnessing the excellent performance and superior quality of Lingong's new generation of energy-saving products, so as to establish their confidence and loyalty to Lingong products, It has laid a good foundation for further improving the market share and brand awareness of temporary products in the local market. Send it to digital display meter or computer after processing

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