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Temporary father's Day special planning

temporary father's Day special planning | this year's father's day, let's "show off our father" and get gifts

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father is a big mountain, and he shoulders the heavy responsibility of the family with a broad body

my father is the sea, supporting me with a broad mind

my father is the blue sky, which supports a vast sky for me

dad raised us to adulthood in the best time of life, and we gradually grow old after we grow up...

I'm proud to have you as my father

father's Day is coming. On this special day, we will show off our father willfully

here are simple ways to play. You only need to show pictures or videos related to your father, which are warm, romantic, funny... Everything is OK. Once you win the prize, you can also receive gifts from temporary work for your father. How meaningful it is to win gifts for your father

of course, there are good wishes here for temporary work. I wish all handsome, strict and great fathers in the world a happy holiday

35; let's show off our father

father's day · temporary workers specially plan Tiktok short video award winning activities

activity time:

June 20-24, 2020

participation steps:

Step 1: in the Tiktok app, search and pay attention to the official Tiktok account sdlg Shandong temporary workers

Step 2: upload photos or videos related to our father, with unlimited content and form, that is to "show off our father".The

requirements: the content can show a group photo with your father, say blessings to your father, interesting things about your father's life, photos of your father's young and handsome, what your father said to you, an impressive thing, a gift for your father; It can also be your feelings as a father and what you say to your children...

Step 3: before the video is released, add a topic # to dazzle your father together, add what you say to your father, and @ Shandong Lingong

demonstration video: HT has strict requirements on loading method, time and accuracy in the experiment tps://

award setting:

L "dazzle the father" award

the entry threshold of the temporary work jury is also low, and select the five most moving videos. The temporary work will send your father a double-layer heat-insulating glass water cup, often go home and have a look, make a cup of tea for your father, and have a chat

l Popularity Award

Tiktok likes the top 5. On the job, send your father a nail care suit, trim his nails and talk about his heart

a simple but affectionate "thank you". The technological properties and experimental methods of a real stainless steel are divided into the following categories: sincere and lovely "Bixin". On this special day, let's say the most straightforward confession to our unspeakable father through Tiktok

dad, I want to say to you, thank you, I love you

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