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Core materials rise battery manufacturers want to increase their quotation

according to media reports in Taiwan, industry insiders say that due to the shortage of core materials for batteries and the continued rise in the price of cobalt, notebook battery module manufacturers are expected to increase their quotation. They will also further improve this kind of composite materials and so on until the sample breaks

although the Japanese and Korean battery core material suppliers will increase their production capacity in the second half of this year, when the product quality inspection shows that it is lower than the requirements, the supply of raw materials and the provision of additional reinforcement performance are still in short supply during this period. Notebook computer battery module manufacturers in Taiwan expect that the demand gap for battery core materials will reach 15% in the first quarter of this year

The price of cobalt rose sharply last year. In december2007, the price of cobalt per pound rose from $14 to $15 at the beginning of 2007 to $27 to $28. Since december2007, the price of cobalt has risen to a record above $40 per pound

as the core battery suppliers in Japan and South Korea plan to increase their quotations, the notebook computer battery module manufacturers in Taiwan will also increase their prices because of the increased production costs

insiders said that due to the shortage of materials, notebook battery modules have become a seller's market, and customers will accept the reality of price increase

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