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Corning Glass appeared at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show. In 2011, Corning made a bold vision for the future of glass technology development in its "one day made of glass" video. Five years later, this video has been viewed more than 25million times on youtube, and the vision described in the video is gradually becoming a reality. This year, Corning will demonstrate gorilla glass and other advanced glass technologies, which give ordinary surfaces extraordinary performance. Their applications include automobile, retail, home and so on

Corning announced that the company will display a variety of advanced glass technologies on the Corning booth (booth 12844 in the Central Hall) of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 6 to 9, 2016, to show the indispensable role of glass in future consumption and commercial applications

"as we further expand the technology and design capability of precision glass, Corning continues to offer a variety of innovative technologies to mankind, so as to realize a more closely connected, interactive and personalized lifestyle. We are very happy to be able to provide consumers and industry partners with a series of new application opportunities, which come from our imagination of the future vision and are put into practice by Corning." Said Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, senior vice president and Chief Strategic Officer of Corning

Corning is using its capabilities in glass, optical physics and melt manufacturing, as well as its experience in the consumer electronics industry, to combine advanced glass technology with new market opportunities

Corning will invite visitors at the International Consumer Electronics Show:

1 in addition, driving a car on a connected car console

2, shopping in a retail store using a touch-screen interactive screen

3, watching how the connection hub in the kitchen, office and home can enhance the entertainment of the place and realize the experience of information sharing and building management

4 Interact instantly with friends and colleagues through the touch interactive surface

Corning is proud to bring these immersive sensory experiences to the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show. In this exciting age of glass, we are constantly exploring seemingly unlimited design and functional possibilities

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