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Application example of CorelDRAW: designing and making business cards

business cards are the most widely used communication tools in modern society, and they are also an indispensable tool to show personality in modern communication. From a small business card, we can see the group culture of a person or even an enterprise. In order to help friends make a personalized business card with their own abilities and tools, I would like to introduce how to make a business card with CorelDRAW. Of course, this method is also an application for the business behavior of street print service stores

1. CorelDRAW software with unlimited versions shall be used

2. Open CorelDRAW software, and the system will automatically create a "figure 1" file. Select the rectangle tool in the toolbox, draw a rectangle on the paper given by the system, adjust the size to 90 x 55mm (assuming that it is the finished frame of a business card), and then draw a rectangle inside it, set the size to 80 x 45mm (assuming that it is the effective printing area of the business card). Select two rectangles, press "C", "e" or click "arrange" menu "align and distribute" to align the two rectangles in the middle

3. For convenience, select "window" "shutter tool" "object manager", click the small triangle on the right, and select "new layer". At this time, an item of layer 2 will appear in the object manager window. Select layer 1 with the mouse and click the pen button in front of it, then the layer 1 will be in an unavailable state, as shown in Figure 1

unavailable status

4. Enter layer 2 and arrange the text or graphic information we want on the rectangle drawn earlier (the smaller one inside), as shown in Figure 2. The next thing is the typesetting

arrange text or graphic information

5. Click the pen button of layer 1 to remove the small rectangle inside. Double click the selection tool to select all objects in the window, cut and paste, and all objects will be placed on layer 1

6. Select the business card you just made, press ctrl+g or arrange groups in the menu to form them into an object for convenient operation in subsequent work. Move the business card to the upper left corner of the paper (A4) on the screen, press alt+f7 or select "transformation" and "position" in the "arrangement" menu to pop up the "transformation" option box. Select the object, set the value to 100 in the position horizontal item, and then click "apply to reproduction object" to copy the same business card on the right, with a distance of 10mm between the two, as shown in Figure 3

"copy" business cards

7. Select two business cards, change the horizontal value in the position option box to 0, and change the vertical value to -57 in 2017, when the main types of power batteries are 3 yuan 111 and 523. Then click "apply to remanufactured objects" four times, that is, ten business cards are arranged on a piece of A4 paper, as shown in Figure 4. Double click the selection tool to select all the objects in the window, and then group them into one object. Press "P" plus the "carsick" button for some people, or call the "arrange" "align and distribute" dialog box to place the 10 business cards after the group in the center of the paper

arrange 10 business cards on A4 paper

8. So far, 10 business cards on A4 paper have been arranged, and the next work is to print. Because the outer frame line has been reserved during printing, you can cut according to that line frame after printing. If you do a small amount of cutting in an office without a cutter, you can use scissors to cut one by one or use a art knife to cut. If you are in a street printing shop, you can use a special cutter for business cards to cut

9. If you want to print words on both sides of the business card, you just need to start another page and do it again according to the above steps

the typesetting of business cards in some professional business card making shops is the same as the above. However, if a large number of business cards are printed, instead of one A4 paper at a time, the layout of a business card is arranged, and then the PS plate is made for printing according to the number of colors to be printed. The principle of plate making is the same as that of the formal printing press. One plate is produced by one color, and then the overprint is carried out. In addition, some high-end personal business cards may also need to be bronzed, silvered or embossed, so a special version must be produced on the basis of the printed version. For example, a bronzing version must be produced to produce the bronzing version of the bronzing machine, and another version must be produced to produce the embossing version of the beer machine to emboss

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