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Corning researched and developed special glass for next generation display to expand revenue

tft-lcd has developed into an industry with the largest capacity and mature technology so far. Due to the long-term oversupply in the market and the global recession, the price of TFT-LCD panel has fallen in recent years. Corning, Asahi nitrate and other glass substrates in the upstream supply chain are large. Therefore, the factory is also facing the dilemma of declining product prices and declining revenue

in the second quarter of 2012, with the continuous revenue of Corning's display business, Huaibei City took innovation as the energy source and accelerator for the development of the aluminum industry to $641million, and the net profit also decreased to $371million. It is speculated that this is the result of Corning's low price strategy proposed in early 2012. However, according to Corning, the supply and demand relationship of its display glass has returned to balance. In contrast, the revenue of Corning special materials increased by 3% to USD 296million compared with the first quarter of 2012, and the net profit was USD 34million, an increase of 62% compared with the first quarter, indicating that the special materials business has higher development potential at this stage. In the future, Corning will continue to develop lotus glass, willow glass and other special glasses suitable for the next generation of displays to expand revenue

as the sales price of TFT-LCD glass, the second largest glass manufacturer in the world, slowed down and the shipment volume also stabilized, the overall revenue and operating profit of its electronics business increased slightly in the second quarter of 2012, among which the highest proportion of display glass revenue increased by 7% to 70.3 billion yen (about $900million), and the overall revenue ratio of its electronics business was 24%

however, in the face of the development of TFT-LCD industry towards high image quality and light weight, as well as the active research and development of OLED displays by various manufacturers, on the one hand, xunitizi continues to develop glass for special displays, on the other hand, due to the unfavorable export due to the high yen, and the limited number of experiments, the market competition for surface panels is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, in the second half of 2012, xunitizi will focus on reducing the cost of TFT-LCD glass

Corning R & D willow glass schedule

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