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Corning incorporated is establishing the Asian glass technology center

the newly established engineering technology and design center will provide product R & D support for consumer electronics and other industries

June 15, 2011 - Corning Corporation (NYSE: GLW) today announced the official establishment of Corning Asia Glass Technology Center, located in Neihu Science Park, Taipei, Taiwan. The center will mainly provide services for Asian customers in engineering applications and emerging product design

Corning Asia Glass Technology Center has excellent glass technology strength and experienced talents. It will provide product design and R & D support for the rapidly developing consumer electronics industry. Technical experts will also focus on developing emerging application products. Corning Glass technology will play a key role in some products with controller sampling problems: logging in the program as admin

Dr. Jean Pierre mazeau, senior vice president of Corning technology, said: "we will provide rich resources such as product performance design, product analysis, prototype design and system testing. Through these services and education and training related to glass technology, we can develop solutions to help customers cope with the most difficult challenges in the process of product development."

mazeau added: "Taiwan's newly established Asian glass technology center can access Corning's global leading technology network, so as to fully participate in these exciting opportunities."

Corning has more than 40 years of business development experience in Taiwan, mainly from the growth of the company's display technology business. Yu Zhidun, chairman and general manager of Corning Taiwan, said: "many major opportunities in consumer electronics and other industries are in Taiwan and all over Asia. Therefore, we believe that the establishment of the Asian glass technology center is the right step for Corning to continue to develop in Taiwan and Asia."

weiwende, chairman and CEO of Corning, Dr. Jean Pierre mazeau, senior vice president, and Dr. wangyichun, director of Corning Asia Glass Technology Center Co chaired the grand opening ceremony on June 9. Vice Minister of economy Huang Chongqiu attended the ceremony and welcomed Corning Asia Glass Technology Center into Taipei business district

but it has its limitations about Corning company

Corning company () is a global leader in special glass and ceramic materials. With more than 150 years of knowledge in materials science and process technology, Corning has created and produced many key components, which are used in high-tech consumer electronics, mobile emission control, communication and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD TVs, computer monitors and notebook computers; Ceramic carriers and filters for mobile emission control systems; Optical fiber, optical cable, hardware and equipment used in Qualcomm communication network with the most critical cost; Optical biosensors for drug development; And advanced optical and special material solutions for other industries, such as semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy and metrology

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