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Corel design software enables image processing from CPLD to be combined into various circuits according to needs, so there is no need for professionals.

when it comes to image processing, people first think of professionals and enthusiasts, and ordinary people seem to be afraid to get involved easily. With the popularization of digital image technology, both professional photographers and non professional photographers are eager to make high-quality pictures by themselves through simple operation, which puts forward the requirement of simplicity and ease of use for graphic design software. Following this trend, Corel, the world's leading graphic and image design software company, launched the simplified Chinese version of Corel Paint Shop Pro x for the Chinese mainland market

at the launch of the simplified Chinese version of Corel Paint Shop Pro x, I learned that Corel Paint Shop Pro x is a very powerful image design software. It distinguishes image design creativity from processing, and pays more attention to image processing. Whether it is a small enterprise or a global large user, whether it is an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, it provides powerful functions that are simple and easy to use. Gavin, President of Asia Pacific region of Corel, who made a special trip to China, said in an interview that Corel Paint Shop Pro is a very popular image processing software in the overseas market. Basically, you can see this software everywhere you go. Large international companies such as Nokia and Nortel also use this software with ultimate utilization as the leader; There are also many government department users overseas. For example, in Australia, all police stations are equipped with paint shop pro. The photos taken for prisoners are protected by pain2 and limit protection function: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; T Shop Pro is used for processing and archiving, and the identification of prisoner images is also completed through paint shop pro. Therefore, Corel will have different market and product strategies for different markets

when talking about how to make more people use this product, Zhaoxinrong, general manager of Corel China, said: "We will do this in several ways. One is OEM, so that people can try to use this product at a low price, or quickly establish a user base through promotional and bundled activities. In fact, we clearly realize that Paint Shop Pro will not see a high sales soon. For this product, we still use the way of expanding market awareness and user base to More people use this product. " Gavin believes that, The difference between Chinese design users and other international markets is: "Chinese design users are more creative. China has a long history. The factors considered in the design and creative process and the ideas they want to achieve and express are more different from those of other local users. Chinese users like to use a lot of tools, and the whole design process is much more complex than that of foreign countries." (the whole design process in foreign countries is relatively simple. No matter what works are done, they are basically these processes), while China is more changeable. "

when talking about genuine software, Zhaoxinrong told: "From the perspective of domestic use in the South and North, the awareness of using genuine software in the south is stronger than that in the north. The awareness of using genuine software in the northeast and northwest markets is relatively weak. How to transform them to use genuine software is a major task of Corel. On the one hand, it is to cooperate with channel providers to educate the market, educate users and publicize the use of genuine software; on the other hand, it is to provide training in the process of educating the market and provide users with Provide better customer service and let customers see the value of using genuine software. However, this process will not be completed overnight, but will take a long time. It's hard to say how many genuine users there were last year and how many genuine users can be developed this year. For the software industry, the products are gradually updated. Maybe I sold 12 versions last year, but this year I sold an updated version. But with the same users, it's hard to say how many genuine users can be used, but I believe that users' awareness of legalization is enhanced. Now the Chinese government has also issued many relevant laws and regulations to combat piracy and protect copyright. We believe that the overall market environment will be better and better. "

gavin also revealed that in the near future, paint shop pro will be bundled with painter. In this way, its functions will be unique in some ways; A new version of CorelDRAW will soon be released in the second half of the year; In addition, some new products will be launched in 2007. Corel will take the customer demand as its own responsibility and continuously launch products suitable for the Chinese market. The main work of Corel's representative office in Beijing is to introduce all Corel products to Chinese users

as David Dobson, CEO of Corel, said, "Corel promises to provide powerful, flexible and affordable digital imaging software to meet the needs of customers. Paint Shop Pro x sets a new standard for software ease of use and demonstrates Corel's determination to distinguish itself from other companies in the rapidly developing digital imaging market."

we also believe that Corel will occupy a place in the Chinese market starting with the listing of the Chinese version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X

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