The hottest corn harvester sales of Shandong Chang

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On August 28, a large logistics vehicle carrying "Changlin Gufeng" corn harvesting machinery set out from Shandong planing board gb/t4897.1 ~ 4897.7 (2) 003 Changlin group to Jilin, Jiangsu and other places. In recent years, the "Changlin Gufeng" corn harvester has been fully recognized in the market, which has achieved a substantial increase in sales, and the market orders are coming in an endless stream according to the preliminary agreement. At present, the company is working overtime with a positive attitude and enthusiasm to ensure market supply

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as the world's largest walking tractor production base, Shandong Changlin agricultural equipment company, after more than 70 years of development, has actively developed national products while leading the development of China's walking tractors for a golden decade. After several years of efforts, the "Lin Gufeng" corn harvester, which is often sometimes called as an "artificial organ", has been developed and produced to serve farmers in Hilly and mountainous areas for mechanized corn harvest. It has realized a number of operations with high friction, such as ear picking, peeling, ear packing, grain recovery, straw crushing and returning to the field, and ended the history of no mechanized corn harvest in Hilly and mountainous areas. Since the product was put on the market in 2013, it has been highly praised by users and agricultural machinery experts. The product is in short supply. At present, the "Changlin Gufeng" series of corn harvesters have also won a number of national awards, such as "the top ten brands of corn harvesters for users in China" and "the most favorite agricultural machinery brand for users in China"

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