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Corn plastics will have a market of 10billion US dollars every year.

because the plastics and their products traditionally processed from oil are not easy to decompose after being discarded, which will cause environmental pollution, scientists have launched the development of biodegradable plastics. The successful development of corn plastic soon attracted the attention of manufacturers, and began to try to use it to process into various disposable products, such as water cups, plastic bags, commodity packaging, etc. Nowadays, many large companies are optimistic about this new environmentally friendly material. Coca Cola used 500000 disposable cups at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, all made of corn plastic. The cup disappeared in the open air in only 40 days. Sony, a famous Japanese electrical appliance manufacturer, has been packaging MD trays with plastic paper made of corn for the past two years. The new packaging is as beautiful as the old packaging, but it will not bring any pollution to the environment after being discarded

the environmental protection characteristics of corn plastics and the rapid rise of oil prices have made more producers turn to corn, an agricultural product with a large planting area, which has brought new business opportunities for the further development and application of corn plastics

according to experts, the technology of making plastics from corn is not complicated. First, the sugar in corn is extracted, and then carbon, the basic material for making plastics and fibers, is extracted through fermentation and distillation, and then processed into a kind of fine particles called polylactide (PLA). The small particles can be pressed into various packaging and food utensils, such as cups, plates and utensils

as one of the major agricultural products in the world, corn is in sufficient supply. It will not be a problem for the United States to extract 1billion pounds (454million tons) of polylactide every year in the next 10 years. This means that one tenth of US corn production will be made into plastic and fiber. It is reported that DuPont, an American chemical giant, has recently joined the team of developing corn plastics. The company's research also received $19million in financial support from the U.S. Department of energy

DSM also increased the biological content of its arnitel eco bio based high performance polyamide (pa410) to 73%. Although it is conducive to environmental protection, it is expensive. The price of corn plastic plates produced by North American bio is about 5% higher than that of traditional plastic plates, and the price of cups is 25% higher. However, frederickhill, President of the company, believes that within five years, with the increase in demand for corn plastic, the production scale will be expanded and the cost will be reduced

at present, with the great wave of deep processing and development of agricultural and sideline products around the world, the international chemical giants have raised a new round of price rise, the production of environmental friendly packaging materials using agricultural and sideline products has become a research hotspot in the scientific research field, and the research on using biodegradable resin to replace the existing packaging materials is in full swing. In the research, scientists found that a variety of plastic products can be developed by using corn. For example, the corn starch resin successfully researched in Japan and Taiwan is a new type of green environmental protection material. The resin takes corn as raw material. After processing, the composite material is plasticized from a variety of materials with different properties. It can be used to make a variety of disposable products, such as water cups, plastic bags, fast food boxes, etc. Experiments have proved that this packaging material can be disposed of by means of combustion, biochemical decomposition and insect feeding, thus avoiding the harm of "white shall be measured once in the two mutually perpendicular directions at both ends and the middle of the gauge distance". In order to protect the environment, Dow recently began to provide food stores with containers made of corn plastic. McDonald's fast food company has started to use disposable corn cups. Sony Corp. of Japan decided to use corn plastic to make the Walkman case

according to the analysis of industry experts, the world produces about 100million tons of plastic products every year, including 30million tons of disposable packaging materials. It will cost a lot of social cost to solve the pollution caused by these materials. If corn resin can successfully replace some of the packaging plastics, it is estimated that there will be a market worth at least 10billion dollars every year

industry authorities believe that the rise of corn plastics is the product of the times. The end of the oil age has brought a broad market for corn plastics, and the progress of high technology is providing strong market competitiveness for corn plastics

source: China Food News

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