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The core of the development of China's machinery industry: accelerating the transformation and upgrading

the scale of China's machinery industry has benefited from the rapid economic growth after the reform and opening up, and the market scale is constantly expanding, which has become an important part of the national economic construction. However, the scale can not fully represent the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. The local machinery industry still faces many problems such as weak technology and insufficient innovation ability

machinery industry is the basic and strategic industry of China's national economy. China's entry into WTO has provided a broader development space and opportunities for the industry, but it has also brought unprecedented tests and challenges. Standing at the historical node of the decade, the machinery industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, improved its ability of independent innovation, enhanced its core competitiveness, improved the level of opening to the outside world, and seized the strategic highland of international competition, which is likely to be damaged; It is imperative that we should not delay

since the 12th Five Year Plan period, the difficulties in the operation of the machinery industry have increased significantly, Pressure to change the mode of growth "The above-mentioned thermal insulation plastic building materials have become more and more mature in the United States, Japan and other countries. However, due to the market forcing mechanism, the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading are accelerating day by day.

China's machinery industry has broken through the bottleneck.

looking at the development of the machinery industry in the past decade after China's accession to the WTO, it can be seen that China's machinery industry has better completed the early stage of quantitative change and accumulation of capacity, extending from the shell manufacturing of electronic products to Internal preparation of the product to realize qualitative change and complete the transformation from big to strong 5 Safe installation and limit installation shall be flexible and firm; Spanning has laid a solid foundation. At the same time, we should also be soberly aware that although China is already a large machinery manufacturing country, it is large but not strong

at present, the problems existing in China's machinery industry are: weak independent innovation ability, insufficient R & D investment, lagging behind the development of key components and process technologies of common foundation; The market competitiveness is not strong, and the passive situation of relying on imports of advanced technology and high-end equipment has not been effectively improved; The mode of industrial growth is relatively extensive, and the production efficiency and operating efficiency are far behind their counterparts in industrial developed countries; The modern industrial system has not yet taken shape, and the proportion of product economy and manufacturing service economy is unbalanced; The level of industrial internationalization needs to be further improved, and the use of global resources and the voice of the industry do not match the status of a big country

local enterprises accelerate their entry into the international market to optimize their industrial competitiveness

in recent years, some qualified enterprises in China have achieved practical results in carrying out international operations, and some have already or are gradually establishing global sales service points and regional marketing centers, creating good conditions for further expanding exports. It is particularly worth mentioning that some powerful enterprises have made achievements in mergers and acquisitions of overseas well-known enterprises with advanced technology. We should encourage more qualified machinery enterprises to go out and invest in factories, or to establish joint ventures or cooperation with local enterprises, or to selectively acquire overseas enterprises with advanced manufacturing technology

from the current situation, if the M & A enterprises and domestic enterprises produce similar products with similar technical level, they can reasonably adjust the production division of parts, form an industrial chain, increase the production batch of parts, so as to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. If the product manufacturing technology of M & A enterprises is advanced, flexible and effective measures should be taken according to the relevant regulations of different countries to create conditions for gradually transplanting the advanced technology into the products produced by domestic enterprises, so as to promote the adjustment of product structure of Chinese enterprises and accelerate the transformation and upgrading

looking at the domestic and international industrial markets, to realize the transformation from big to strong and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry will be the core of the development of China's machinery industry in the future

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