The hottest Corning continues to push harder glass

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Corning continues to launch harder glass to challenge the limit

whether it is a portable device such as a tablet, it needs a good panel to display text, images and movies. Kang science and technology innovation has achieved remarkable results. Ning recently demonstrated their larger, thinner, more efficient and harder panel products at the panel exhibition held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei

in terms of the overall display market, the size requirements in the TV market are becoming larger and larger, while the demand for display is increasing, which drives the growth of the display market. However, in the IT market, due to the weak demand for the main motor source of PC1 and experimental machine, the demand for PC display remains slow. However, there is still a certain demand for smart and public displays used in public places, with a certain growth rate

gorilla has been improving its firmness since it launched the optimized protective glass of the leading generation of glass 1 in 2007. The recently launched gorilla glass 5 glass has a damage resistance up to 2 times higher than that of the previous generation glass 4, and up to 4 times higher than that of the competitor's products. In the test conducted by Corning, when gorilla glass 5 falls from a height of 1.6m, it has an 80% chance that it will not be damaged

▲ Corning used different material surfaces for fall test. The bottom is sandy 180, which is effective. "Heminghui's positioning is equivalent to asphalt pavement

in addition to the glass products produced for monitors, Corning has also launched the vibrant series for decorative electronic products. For example, if you put it on the back of a pen type computer, it has better image presentation than film or web printing, and the price is quite competitive. Recently, the chromebook 14 for work launched by Acer is decorated with vibrant

▲ decorative glass plate used on

as for Corning, a century old enterprise, they have also established a new department for 7 years to try to convert glass to other uses, such as IC substrate, for special markets. Corning's semiconductor glass provides the demand for low power consumption and hardness, such as medical products and telecommunications

▲ Corning is used for glass substrates of semiconductors

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