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aluminum alloy doors and windows are installed at home. How can we know that it is a high-quality product worthy of the name? Industry insiders may be able to see whether it is true or false, but end consumers have no way to distinguish, so they have sorted out several ways to distinguish

1. Look at the quality of raw aluminum profiles

the most fundamental of a good door and window is aluminum alloy profiles and glass. The color of the cutting direction of a good aluminum alloy profile is silver white, which is very uniform in terms of texture and color. On the contrary, if it is not good, the cutting color is black or other colors, then maybe some of the aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers are made of scrap aluminum or other materials, If you find such doors and windows, you must not purchase them

2. Good and bad tempered glass

the main matching of doors and windows is aluminum alloy profiles and tempered glass. If the tempered glass is inferior, its appearance looks uneven, with water texture and poor light transmittance. After a layer, it is not very clear. Good tempered glass has good light transmittance, and its appearance has no uneven water texture

3. Look at the appearance

there are no obvious scratches, bumps and other defects on the appearance of the door frame. There should be no obvious color difference on the door frame. The appearance must be free of aluminum chips, burrs, oil stains and other stains. Pay attention to the technology of door and window splicing

4. Price and quality are in direct proportion

when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows, the first choice is to choose the doors and windows that are suitable for you and of good quality. Then you need to polish your eyes. Don't buy the doors and windows with poor quality because of the low price. You should know that price and quality are in direct proportion

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