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In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, many home furnishing companies have entered online to prepare to open up new fields. However, the e-commerce path of home furnishing companies is not smooth in practice. Entering the Internet is a professional trend, but its intention is still to improve the competitive advantage of the company. Therefore, home furnishing companies need to have clear considerations and plans to enter the Internet

entering the on-site shopping malls still faces difficulties

according to the relevant inquiry, at present, most companies in the furniture industry hold expectations about e-commerce. However, due to the collision between traditional occupations and new ways, there are still many questions, and most furniture companies dare to think or do it. This mentality also exists in the door and window profession. Then, with the increasingly hot development of e-commerce, how can door and window enterprises break their minds and share online shopping malls

in general, furniture companies are expecting e-commerce. " Industry insiders said that furniture companies that are doing e-commerce mainly face problems such as lack of e-commerce experience, lack of professional teams, large capital investment and logistics difficulties. "Generally speaking, doing furniture stores in and requires hundreds of thousands of yuan of investment, and it will take two to three years to see profits. Therefore, many furniture companies have the idea of wanting to do it but dare not do it.

the road of e-commerce has been developing rapidly in recent years.

in 2014, the home e-commerce industry, which has not been developed for ten years, entered the freezing period as a whole. Although it was reduced in 2015, the summary of professionals is "Bright and dark, changeable". In 2016, the prevailing view of professionals is "breaking the bottleneck, we can do something". Recalling the trading volume of the "double 11" over the years since 2009, it was only 52 million yuan in 2009, increased to 936 million yuan in 2010, 5.2 billion yuan in 2011, 19.1 billion yuan in 2012, 35.019 billion yuan in 2013, 57.1 billion yuan in 2014, while the trading volume in 2015 was determined to be 91.2 billion yuan, an increase of 59.72% over the previous year

the rapid development of "double 11" transaction volume just reflects the rapid development of e-commerce in China, and household companies cannot ignore e-commerce. Although it is a new shopping mall, there are many similarities between the operation principle of e-commerce and offline shopping malls. As for different companies, the forms applicable to e-commerce malls will be different between different companies

use the form of e-commerce according to practice

in the Internet age, with different people's understanding of e-commerce, the concept of e-commerce has also begun to expand, and the potential of e-commerce has also begun to become sacred. Originally, as a product of the new era, how to make good use of this form has little to do with the understanding of it. Just as the so-called specific questions and specific analysis, if you want to really make good use of the form of e-commerce, door and window enterprises need to be determined according to their own practice, and do not follow suit

when door and window enterprises decide to transform the Internet to carry out e-commerce, they first need to know the Internet in order to carry out more smoothly. The Internet is originally very simple, that is, to turn strong talent into an adjective to deal with the problems existing in the current door and window profession. As for the selection of entrepreneurs who enter the Internet, door and window enterprises should first be a competitor, unwilling to always be a traditional company; The second is to be a disrupter, but the disrupter must find a pain point, because the pain point is what users need; Finally, become a dependent of the way. Therefore, in the practical operation of e-commerce malls, door and window enterprises must not copy the forms of other companies. Only by recognizing their own practice and carrying out targeted, can they achieve the expected intention

although the prospect of e-commerce is very attractive, whether the company will enter it or not still needs to start from its own practice, strengthen and do a good job in the immediate future, and then consider others. Don't take advantage of the waves




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