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For today's wardrobe dealer market, some dealers use the right methods and strategies to make profits, but there are also some dealers who work hard all year round. As a result, in the year-end summary, they find that what they get is not proportional to what they pay. Then, for dealers, what are the main factors causing this phenomenon? The wardrobe development market needs to pay attention to ways and methods, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

there is no concept of profit. There are too many frictions and losses in all links

some dealers only have the concept of price difference between product import and export, which leads to a weak concept of cost. Many times, profits are swallowed up by uncontrolled costs and gradually rising costs. It is very important to have a little financial knowledge, otherwise you will never know how much your profit is and how much it should be, and a little concept of financial management is important, Otherwise, how to be a good home with such a daily amount of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands

dealers are constantly squeezed by the emerging channels of enterprises (upstream), peers (peers are enemies), and downstream (the second batch or terminals are no longer loyal to one company to purchase) due to their position in the market. Few dealers take a step further, turn enemies into friends, integrate resources in all aspects, complement resources or alliance vicious competition to mess up the market with each other. If there is no win-win situation, it must be a double loss. Why can't comrades in arms who are in the same trench shake hands and make peace and make money together

it is said that "from management to benefit". Many dealers have no luck with it. They spend money casually and don't account for it. In the end, the cost is greater than the income. They eat, drink and play with the manufacturer's representatives and leaders without purpose and restraint. This kind of expenditure is not beneficial to the business and can't produce benefits. It's necessary to learn some management knowledge and ask professional managers

the internal system is not a harmonious system. The goods that should not be bought now are bought, which accounts for a large amount of money. It is also very likely to cause the shortage of another best-selling product. If every link will lose a sum of profits; If any link can lead to abnormal product sales in the end. In this way, profits are like running water, flowing a little, leaking a little, and eventually, of course, leading to the drying up of profits. Look more and think more, and pay attention to the coordination and thoroughness of internal operation

there is no reasonable and perfect product system

originally, I could only invest one yuan, but somehow I impulsively invested three yuan. It's not time to promote sales, but when you should wait and see, there's a big price cut. You don't know how to develop new markets, but you prefer to stand up in the most competitive place. Learn and understand more advanced experience from manufacturers, or accept more relevant marketing training

without a reasonable product system, there is no profit structure system. Dealers look for new products every year. Even if they find a good product, it is not necessarily the best match with the original product. It is not a product line that can make dealers make the most money. Products are important, and product structure is more important. Find a product system with gold matching

at present, the dealers' service awareness is not strong, that is, the understanding of consumers and the service of offline customers are still seriously insufficient. Either they are in business, do not deliver goods, and can only be picked up by the second batch or terminal, or do not return or exchange goods, causing economic losses to consumers or offline customers, or the delivery is not timely. As a middleman, service is the minimum business idea and service of dealers, and it is also the magic weapon for dealers to quickly obtain differentiated advantages

improving the business ability in all directions is the key

according to the development status of dealers, some insiders believe that the key to improving the sales of stores is to increase the customer unit value, which is not only to ensure the customer flow into the store and the number of transactions of customers, but also a very important way to improve the customer unit price, which tests the overall comprehensive strength and ability of store management. In addition, the service personnel in the store must strive to improve their personal ability and quality, close the talents of good people, and improve the service and after-sales. It is necessary to take customer satisfaction as the standard

in the future wardrobe sales market, dealers still need to find their own problems, practice their internal skills, adjust their ideas, and study how to better occupy the market. At the same time, wardrobe manufacturers should also give more support to old dealers, and dealers should also have more interactive communication. Only when all links understand and tolerate each other, and strive to create a good environment, can we achieve win-win results

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