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Bank of communications decoration loan refers to the loan issued by the bank to the borrower for housing decoration. The loan amount shall not exceed 20% of the assessed value of the real estate, and the loan term shall be up to 5 years. The following is a detailed introduction to the materials and handling procedures required for the decoration loan of the Bank of communications. Relevant loan applications go to >& gt;& gt;

loan information

- loan object: natural persons with full civil capacity, legal and valid identity documents, good credit status, stable source of income and the ability to repay principal and interest on schedule

- loan limit: the loan limit shall not exceed 20% of the transaction price or evaluation value of the decorated real estate

- loan term: the longest loan term is 5 years

application materials

(1) personal loan application form

(2) identity certificates of borrower and spouse (resident identity card, passport, household register, etc.), marriage certificate

(3) real estate ownership certificate of the property to be decorated

(4) house decoration contract or decoration plan, decoration shopping list

(5) proof materials of the borrower's repayment ability (such as income certificate, payroll, personal tax bill, other assets, etc.)

(6) mortgage and pledge certificates

(7) other information required by the bank

handling guide

(1) application: the borrower takes the above application materials to the loan handling outlet to fill in the application form

(2) loan approval: the bank investigates the borrower's guarantee, credit and other conditions, approves according to the procedures, and notifies the borrower of the approval results

(3) loan signing: after the borrower's application is approved, the bank signs loan and guarantee contracts with the borrower, and handles mortgage registration and other procedures

(4) loan issuance: after the borrower completes the relevant procedures, the bank will issue the loan after examination and confirmation





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