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The open living room has gradually become the display of home fashion. People also tend to choose the new open living room when decorating the living room. Wanshida also provides consumers with several open living room designs to help you solve your decoration problems

today, when the traditional living room design can no longer meet people's living needs, the open living room has gradually become the first choice of the new generation of consumers. But how can we design a fashionable and practical living room? Wanshida provides several living room designs here, which are applicable to all sizes of houses

design focus: Carpet fixed area + huge glass window lighting

editor's comments: pure white carpets almost cover the whole living room, fixing the living room space and naturally blending into the white background. The giant glass window with the same height as the wall can fully penetrate the natural light and ensure the cleanness and brightness of the room. The living room is filled with vitality and literary atmosphere with colorful giant hanging paintings, transparent color bottles, pink honeycomb shaped pendants and curtains, and white background walls and sofa chairs

design focus: glass stairs improve texture

editor's comments: Creative glass stairs and stair walls are hidden in the invisible, making the living room space appear more spacious and bright, and the texture is greatly improved; The profiled stainless steel chair is very eye-catching, making the space full of vitality

design focus: background wall and floor glass window

editor's comments: the living room adopts white wooden walls, ceilings, doors and windows, with black marble floors, and classic seaside villa design. The living room is very spacious, and the camel colored carpet is used to connect the sofa chairs at the four corners, making the living room furnishings more compact. Pictures of different styles are placed on the shelves of the background wall, and the artistic atmosphere of the living room increases sharply, while the extended swallow shaped wall decoration gives people visual enjoyment. The floor glass window ensures the indoor lighting, and the living room is bright and clean

design focus: Swallow wall decoration extends the line of sight

editor's comments: the creative wheel shaped table is unique and environmentally friendly, and when paired with the fork next to it, it is particularly simple and original. The C-shaped swallow wall decoration extends to the main wall of the living room, making people full of reverie about the living room

does it make you very excited to see these fashionable and beautiful living room designs? Let's "liberate" the living room together




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