Senge and CCTV decorator 823 meet you in Huizhou

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>>Technology buyers, the whole network top-notch discount/special sale recommendation platform

1, 1000 yuan cash cheque

deposit 50 yuan can receive a 1000 yuan cash cheque, with (cash cheque) on-site each next order can receive 100 yuan in cash, up to 1300 yuan in cash

2. Sign a decoration company and enjoy triple discounts

during the activity, sign a decoration company to participate in the golden egg smashing activity, home appliances, etc! Enjoy preferential rights first. Ten famous designers guide you to design a happy home one-on-one

3. Free gold drawing

the owner who signs in on site can participate in the gold drawing grand prize on site with the gold drawing lottery ticket

4. Sign in politely > Happy decoration

sign in at the event site with (cash cheque) and get a set of miter ladders worth 188 yuan free of charge. Get a Book of "decorator" for free. The top users who place orders can enjoy a set of sanitary ware provided by CCTV decorators

5. Collection of printing gifts

during the activity, hold (cash cheque) to each brand store to see samples, draw red envelopes, 100% win the prize, and collect 10 brand stamps, and give a gift

(a limited number of products will be collected after the activity is over)

6. Circular lottery

on the same day of the activity, the owner can participate in the circular lottery, and the prizes include: iphone6, washing machine, microwave oven, cash red envelope, etc

7. Joint purchase of gifts

joint purchase of 2 electric rice cookers

joint purchase of 4 vacuum cleaners

joint purchase of 5 hanging ironing machines

joint purchase of 7 microwave ovens

joint purchase of 9 washing machines

joint purchase of 10 Luxury refrigerators

joint purchase of 11 LCD TVs

joint purchase of 13 iphone6





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