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Experts see greater role for public policy and state regulation in post pandemic years - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The COVID-19 crisis created a recession like no other and caused unprecedented policy responses, but now attention is shifting to post-pandemic years. Will recovery be sustainable? Will this crisis prove to be a transformative event for the people and the worldThe third wave.?

To discuss these topicscan operate at 25 per cent., euronews spoke with prize-winning American economistIndoor dining, Joseph Stiglitz, and the former Italian prime minister, Mario Monti, at the Ambrosetti Forum in Lake Como.

The United States” economic recovery has been very fast. But have policymakers in the United States and in Europe been quick enough and bold enough to avoid a new Great DepressionThe main faces of Austria? Is there still a risk of this?

Economist Joseph Stiglitz:

“I’m not worried about a significant downturn at this point. Europe is a little bit more timid than the United Statesre not alone.. In the beginningThe United States will b, Europe had much better design programmes, but the United States was less timid. We passed legislation that was basically providing support equal to 25% of our GDP. Europe has been much slower and even the packages will take one to two years to actually get the money flowingOutdoor patios.”

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