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Shanghai public health clinical center and Wuhan huoshenshan hospital introduced artificial intelligence technology to directly attack the problem of triage of COVID-19

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in the COVID-19, CT provided an important basis for doctors' diagnosis with efficient, intuitive and convenient lung imaging. But how to more accurately confirm whether the patient is covid-19 or other pneumonia under the imaging characteristics of atypical lesions and easy to miss? How to quantify the severity of the disease, and more accurately determine which patients should go to "shelter hospital", which patients should go to "huoshenshan hospital" and "leishenshan hospital"? These issues are now of great concern

it was learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Shanghai on February 13 that recently, the load flow of Shanghai public health clinical center, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital and Ruijin affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine can be expressed as! This is a half cycle sine wave. The hospital has introduced the UAI COVID-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system, which provides a new solution to the above problems. This system is provided by Lianying intelligence, an artificial intelligence subsidiary of Lianying group. It is the industry's first AI whole process solution that integrates the overall and local image characteristics of pneumonia and accurately classifies pneumonia images. At present, the system has been deployed and launched in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, Shanghai public health clinical center and Ruijin Hospital

AI screening suspected accurate quantification helps patients' Diversion Management

"AI has natural advantages in accurate image diagnosis. We hope to give full play to this technical advantage to help clinicians solve the current triage problems." Said Dr. gaoyaozong, vice president of Lianying intelligent R & D

it is reported that the United imaging intelligent UAI COVID-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system, which has been officially launched, can detect small and inconspicuous suspected lesions by using a highly sensitive detection algorithm, helping doctors to effectively screen and distinguish suspected cases. Not only that, for the confirmed patients, the system can carry out grading evaluation to obtain the "COVID-19 severity index", and then combined with clinical indications, classify the patients according to the degree of critical illness, distinguish mild patients from severe patients, so as to give more clear diversion guidelines and formulate a scientific and effective treatment plan

uai intelligent auxiliary analysis system evaluates the severity of the disease

Gao Yaozong said, "when doctors use it, they open an image at each point, and the system interface will clearly display the automatically labeled pneumonia focus, the infected lung segment, the cumulative range of lesions and other key quantitative information, which provides an important reference for doctors to identify and analyze covid-19 cases."

The UAI intelligent auxiliary analysis system for COVID-19 shows that the infected lung segment is in close cooperation with the Shanghai public health clinical center, which took the lead in launching the system. The Shanghai public health clinical center is the first hospital in China to use the system, and it is also the hospital in Shanghai that is mainly responsible for the centralized treatment of patients with COVID-19. It has a 24-hour hot 10 power supply voltage (there must be reliable grounding measures) ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz diagnosis, Radiology department is in the outpost of anti epidemic. Since the first confirmed case of covid-19 in Shanghai, the radiology department has set up an emergency class to undertake the arduous task of fighting the epidemic - nearly 100 confirmed and re examined patients of covid-19 every day, with the backbone enterprises of the industry as the main body

radiologists in Shanghai public health clinical center used UAI COVID-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system

"we started from the actual clinical needs and worked closely with Lianying intelligence. After the system was launched, it not only met our expectations, but also exceeded our expectations!" Professor Shan Fei, director of radiology department, highly recognized this. He said, "this system can play a role in the screening, diagnosis, prognosis and other links of covid-19, and can meet the clinical needs for accuracy in the identification and segmentation of large-area ground glass lesions, providing a relatively large help for radiology."

since the outbreak sounded the alarm, Lianying has carried out close cooperation with the radiology department of Shanghai public health clinical center. The director of solo flight said: "Lianying took the initiative to contact us as soon as it received the emergency task. It not only quickly installed the urgently needed CT and Dr equipment in place, but also cooperated to launch the UAI COVID-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system, a powerful weapon, which showed its role at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention and control."

many hospitals are online. The next step is to deploy the cloud

so far, the UAI covid-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system has been online and put into operation in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine and other hospitals. In huoshenshan hospital, the system will focus on grading the severity of the disease for the confirmed cases, and assist in evaluating the development of the disease during the follow-up, so as to provide reference for treatment. In Ruijin Hospital, the system focuses on helping the hospital to screen suspected cases in popular emergencies, assist doctors in diagnosis and conduct accurate quantitative analysis of pneumonia. The system is expected to be launched in many hospitals in Wuhan, such as fangcang hospital and leishenshan hospital

Lianying intelligent engineer completed the system online in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital with a larger size

Gao Yaozong said: "In the next step, the United image COVID-19 intelligent auxiliary analysis system will also be carried in the cloud. Through the image cloud platform deployed by the United image group in many hospitals, it will connect upper and lower hospitals to share concerns and solve problems for grass-roots epidemic prevention and control personnel. In the long run, the large data accumulated in the system for a long time can provide a basis for the formulation of imaging guidelines for COVID-19 in the future."

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