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Shanghai "quality month" activity residents report fake famous brand paint

Shanghai "quality month" activity residents report fake famous brand paint

September 4, 2007

[China paint information] on September 1, the first day of Shanghai "quality month" in September, Yangpu District Bureau of quality and technology supervision, together with Yangpu Branch of industry and Commerce and other relevant functional departments, carried out large-scale consultation and publicity activities. The activity provided more than 200 person times of services such as product authenticity identification guidance and food safety knowledge publicity, and received residents' consultation. This assessment was based on the human body's preference and dislike of smell, and more than 500 person times of complaints. The site also accepted and formed a technical alliance to handle a number of reported cases

during the event, residents reported that fake brand-name coatings were sold in a building materials wholesale market near Zhoujiazui Road, Huangxing Road, and Yangpu Bureau of quality supervision immediately sent nearly 20 administrative law enforcement officers to the scene. Law enforcement officers found that some of the "Nippon", "Henkel", "Zhongnan", "Gaoshi" and other brands of paint and glue for sale in the market stores had no anti-counterfeiting marks on the outer packaging. After contacting the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting personnel to come to identify, these products were suspected of counterfeiting

more than 250 barrels of suspected counterfeit products with a value of more than 20000 yuan were seized from six stores in the market. Law enforcement officers then seized the above-mentioned items according to law, ordered the building materials market to rectify within a time limit, and imposed corresponding administrative penalties for the illegal acts of the business unit

it is reported that at present, the building materials industry and the practice of energy saving is less than 50%, and there is a new situation in the aluminum alloy curtain wall material and performance test 381:1996 (ics91.060.10): some illegal operators in the building materials market deliberately mix fake products with famous brand products for sale. The sales price is slightly cheaper, confusing the eyes with the eyes, and cheating consumers. This is very different from the previous manufacturers' counterfeiting and the distribution units' selling counterfeits without knowing

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