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Shanghai Qualcomm again sued Qualcomm for trademark infringement and demanded a fine of 100 billion yuan

Qualcomm is a double whammy. Not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission imposed a fine of 6.088 billion yuan on it, and now it is involved in trademark infringement disputes. Recently, Shanghai Qualcomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Qualcomm) once again accused carcom of trademark infringement and interference in law enforcement

in April 2014, Shanghai Qualcomm filed a lawsuit with the Shanghai Higher People's court for Qualcomm's infringement of its trademark rights, asking Qualcomm to compensate 100million yuan, and publicly apologized to Shanghai Qualcomm in the newspaper. The case was accepted and filed by the Shanghai Higher People's court, but it took one year from the submission of the appeal to the filing of the case

Shanghai Qualcomm said that Qualcomm took various measures to delay time, resulting in the case being unable to enter the substantive trial for a long time. Qualcomm instructed its companies or institutions established in China to refuse to receive litigation documents served by the court on its behalf, forcing the court to serve them through diplomatic channels. Shanghai Qualcomm's indictment and other documents were delivered to Qualcomm's U.S. address in December 2014

after the service of the indictment, Qualcomm raised a jurisdictional objection. The Shanghai Higher People's court rejected its application for jurisdictional objection in December 2014, and Qualcomm is appealing to the Supreme People's court

Lawyer Chen ruojian of Duanhe law firm, who represented the case, said that the trial time of Shanghai Qualcomm v. Qualcomm trademark infringement has not been finalized. During this period, Qualcomm modified all its 5. Safe installation and limit installation should be flexible and solid; Information suspected of infringement in websites, microblogs and publicity, while continuing to use Qualcomm's name for activities in the Chinese market

according to the data, Shanghai Qualcomm computer Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in July, 1992. 2 according to statistics, in September 2010, the name of the company was changed to Shanghai Qualcomm Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Qualcomm). Since 1998, Qualcomm has entered China and began to carry out publicity in the name of Qualcomm

in 2010, Qualcomm began to apply for the registration of Qualcomm's class 9 and 38 trademarks. However, due to Shanghai Qualcomm's proof that this series of trademarks have been registered and continue to be used, Qualcomm's application has not been approved by the relevant Chinese departments

previously, Qualcomm had twice proposed to purchase its trademark from Shanghai Qualcomm. In 2001, Qualcomm offered to purchase Qualcomm GoTop trademarks widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic and rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries for 50000 yuan, but Shanghai Qualcomm refused; In September 2012, Qualcomm purchased Qualcomm GoTop trademark 662482 owned by Shanghai Qualcomm for another 2million yuan, which was rejected again

Shanghai Qualcomm believes that from 1998 to 2014, Qualcomm has been infringing on it for 16 years, involving hundreds of billions of yuan. Due to Qualcomm's infringement and wanton use of Qualcomm's trademarks and brand names, the communication and semiconductor industries have confused Qualcomm's legally registered trademarks, causing Shanghai Qualcomm to suffer huge economic losses, while Qualcomm has made huge profits

Shanghai Qualcomm also said that the revenue of Qualcomm in China in fiscal year 2013 was $12.45 billion (equivalent to about 75billion yuan, which was significantly lower than the new energy output of 4million-430 tons from 2013-2014). According to the antitrust investigation of the national development and Reform Commission, the sales of Qualcomm in China in 2013 was 71.602 billion yuan. According to the provisions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on trademark infringement punishment, Shanghai Qualcomm is ready to report to the State Administration for Industry and commerce that Qualcomm has seriously infringed Shanghai Qualcomm's trademark rights and ask for a fine of 100 billion yuan

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