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Shanghai Putuo District investigates and deals with fake paint manufacturers

Shanghai Putuo District investigates and deals with fake paint manufacturers

December 09, 2004

a few days ago, the Shanghai Morning Post received a report that a counterfeit factory at No. 26, private Third Road, Putuo District, Shanghai actually produced fake brand coatings and commonly used fire retardant coatings and glues, involving brands such as Nippon and Dulux. These fake and inferior paint instructions and anti-counterfeiting labels are readily available; The smell and color are more unrecognizable to ordinary people. After eight days of continuous investigation, the morning post found out the whole process of the counterfeiting factory from the production, processing, transportation and sales of new models developed by Jinan testing machine factory. On the afternoon of December 8, the Taopu Industrial and Commercial Office of Putuo industrial and commercial branch, together with the public security department, investigated and dealt with the fake factory

the daily output of paint is 3 tons

this factory that forges famous brand paint is located in a remote and lonely alley on the third private road in Putuo District. The roar of machines comes from the big iron door from time to time. It is understood that this roar has existed for at least two years. Residents reported that in the past two years, small vans have been coming in and out of the iron gate, but they don't know what's going on inside

recently, I came to this fake factory for investigation twice in the name of renting building materials warehouse. Through the iron door, you can see a long and narrow courtyard with three small vans parked inside. Several young people in blue overalls are loading iron buckets into the car, and then close the door and drive away from the mysterious courtyard. When entering the last "workshop" floating with dust in the yard, it turned out to be "unique": on the ground of more than 50 square meters, bags of raw materials were piled up, and a mixer was rotating, constantly spitting out white viscous colloids. Six or seven workers walked through the dust, picking up raw materials from the ground and putting them into the mixer from time to time. Two people connected the prepared colloid to the bucket in front of the mixer, covered the lid and carried it to the door of France to launch high-strength epoxy resin composites. Less than 15 minutes into the workshop, the tensile testing machine has been widely used by a wide range of customers because of its wide range of use. The clock was choked by the dust in the room, and its throat was burning

a boss in the counterfeiting factory who claimed his surname was Chen told that they were preparing a batch of "ordinary fire retardant coatings" for a paint shop in the urban area. When he said that his decoration team also needed paint and intended to buy a large number of goods from him, he immediately became interested: "general paint and glue can be made, which looks similar". The second half of his sentence was even more surprising: "we can also make brands such as Nippon and Dulux, and they are new barrels, clean and brand-new. After so many years, we can all grasp them." Boss Chen is proud of himself

in the afternoon of December 1, I saw boss Chen who was directing production in the factory again. After a brief greeting, I walked into the paint production workshop with boss Chen. He said that this factory can produce about 3 tons of paint every day. If you need famous brand paint and a large quantity, you can book it one or two days in advance: "if the order quantity is one to two tons, say hello one or two days in advance, and dozens of tons of goods can be collected in a short time."

"color matching is absolutely not inferior to the computer"

in order to prove that his goods are "guaranteed in quality", boss Chen will invite him into the office, go out directly, and soon get back a bucket of "Dulux". Notice that this barrel of "Dulux" is obviously just full. The barrel is as new as before, and there are anti-counterfeiting marks on the production label and the production batch number. "There is no difference between painting and real," Mr. Chen stressed. This bucket is actually customized for others. If you are not satisfied, you can also order it separately as long as you pay a deposit in advance. He also promised that in the future, if there is a long-term cooperation, you can send a car to deliver goods to your door. If the delivery is inconvenient, you can find a car and they will pay the shipping fee

in order to make sure, in his office, boss Chen "performed" the process of packaging the fake Dulux on site: 2 in the brand-new iron bucket, 3 materials in the sample basket were still bubbling, so he gently knocked the lid with a rubber hammer, and just a few times, it was tightly covered. Although the process is very simple, I can see that boss Chen is skilled and handy

when leaving, I suddenly found several workers at the door doing color matching experiments with the produced "Dulux" comparison chromatography. A worker told him that the color allocated would never be inferior to the genuine one, which was comparable to the computer color matching

"coating" locks in the building materials market

where are so many fake coatings sold? At 13:00 on December 2, several workers loaded the paint into a gray Anhui license minivan, which then drove out of the yard of the small factory and drove all the way to the urban area along Gulang road

the van followed the delivery until 2023 Zhongshan West Road, which is the entrance of a building materials market on Yishan Road. After driving in, the van stopped slowly at the door of a paint store. The driver jumped out of the car and opened the door. He took six barrels full of "fire retardant paint" from the car and sent them to the warehouse diagonally opposite the salesroom. Then he took four empty barrels from the warehouse and put them into the car. After delivering the goods, the driver also chatted up with the clerk in the store department. After signing the delivery note, he left

it was noted that the words "manufacturer direct sales" were written on the sales department, and the door was filled with samples of fire-proof coatings and various famous brand coatings. They pretended to buy coatings, and found that the origin of these "fire-proof coatings" that had just been sent was marked as produced by an enterprise in Pudong. It is understood that almost every few days, underground factories will deliver goods here

according to boss Chen, the daily output of the underground factory is about 3 tons. According to this output, this factory alone produces about 1000 tons of paint every year. If it is calculated that every 40 kilograms of paint can paint a 100 square meter house, about 25000 houses in Shanghai may be painted with these fake paint every year

boss Chen told that the price of his "Dulux" was only 150 yuan, while the price of the same authentic Dulux coating was 288 yuan at the building materials supermarket, and the cheapest quotation was more than 245 yuan. According to insiders, the price of the raw materials of this fake and inferior paint is about 25 yuan per barrel, while the iron barrels of fake famous brand paint can be purchased from the decoration company, or can be specially customized, with the price ranging from 5 yuan to 10 yuan. Therefore, the cost of a barrel of fake famous brand paint, including labor, rent, electricity and other expenses, is only 60 yuan at most, and the windfall profit per barrel is nearly 100 yuan

obtained a barrel of fake "Dulux" paint from boss Chen, and called the manufacturer's sales service for inquiry. As expected, the anti-counterfeiting bar code and production batch number on this barrel of "Dulux" were not found in the manufacturer's relevant data records

huge profits of nearly 100 yuan per barrel

however, due to the weak awareness of safeguarding rights of end consumers, this simple deception was finally concealed. In recent days, I learned from some residents in Yangpu and Pudong districts that they usually contract labor and materials, and the decoration company undertakes the decoration project. Miss ye, who lives in a community on Huangxing Road, told her that the most she could do was to check whether the paint provided by the decoration company had bar codes and anti-counterfeiting marks. As long as there were, she thought it was genuine, and she didn't realize that she wanted to verify the authenticity of the paint again. Among the dozen families visited, Miss Ye's views were almost unanimously expressed

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