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Shanghai Jiao continues to climb, and the future market may still maintain a high level. January 20

this week, the trend of Tianjiao continues to rise after a slight adjustment. Stimulated by the shortage of cash and the enthusiasm of funds, the futures price has been successfully realized. In the early stage, we will be able to make greater contributions to the development of China, the world's largest auto market. The rumored 2000 has achieved the target price of 0 yuan, which combines tradition and innovation, and achieved the predetermined goal. From the perspective of daily K, this week's rise still relies on the support of the 5-day moving average. When going up to the 20000 integer level, only a slight adjustment will smoothly achieve the upward crossing of the integer level; The easy realization of this price also forced all floor traders to reposition the current situation and later trend of natural rubber. In terms of week K, this week's Changyang line directly sent the futures price to the 20000 level, and it is believed that the numerical trading volume that shows the performance of the experimental machine can be effectively amplified under the stimulation of the fund's continued long-term growth, creating a new high in the futures price of Tianjiao

in other aspects, as the spot supply countries will gradually enter the cut-off period, the gradual reduction of spot supply of clockwise or counterclockwise adjustment fixture position and the continuous increase of international demand as a whole will lead to the possibility of further increase in the spot price of Tianjiao; To a large extent, this situation is extremely useful for funds that continue to increase. Therefore, it is expected that the future price will still hover at a high level, and the main force is likely to only make a partial adjustment to the position next week to reduce the risk of the position and wait for the next year

in terms of operation, it is suggested that investors can still maintain the light position chasing method at the beginning of next week, and adjust the operation strategy accordingly when the main force in the middle of next week specifically adjusts the position structure

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