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Shanghai Quality Supervision bulletin 2013 special supervision and spot check results of furniture product quality

Shanghai Quality Supervision bulletin 2013 special supervision and spot check results of furniture product quality

September 6, 2013

[China paint information] Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision reported on September 5 that 28 batches of products were unqualified, of which 5 batches had serious quality problems

recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision launched a special rectification of the product quality of the furniture industry, focusing on wood-based panels and comprehensive furniture containing wood-based panel materials, and conducted a special spot check of the quality of furniture products. The spot check covered 347 enterprises, and 96 enterprises were actually spot checked. Among the enterprises that did not draw products, 47 enterprises did not produce and had no products to draw; 135 enterprises were closed and could not be contacted; The 10 enterprises that switch production and only produce export products do not belong to the sampling scope; 59 enterprises that do not produce wood-based panel furniture or comprehensive furniture products containing wood-based panel materials do not belong to the scope of random inspection

a total of 96 batches of products were sampled, and 28 batches were unqualified after inspection. Among them, four batches of bedside cabinets produced by nominal Shanghai Junrong Furniture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinzhou furniture factory, Shanghai Jingyi furniture factory, Shanghai Jianshen wood factory and other enterprises, as well as precautions in the use process of nominal Shanghai Shibao: a batch of chairs produced by Guangfu furniture factory in mountain area detected that the formaldehyde release project was unqualified. The national mandatory standard GB 1 Cui Lixin is summarized into one word "limit of harmful substances in indoor decoration materials and wooden furniture", which stipulates that formaldehyde emission should be ≤ 1.5mg/l. The project is unqualified, which is a serious quality problem

it was also found in the monitoring that 12 batches of woodworking requirements were unqualified. Physical and chemical properties - impact resistance of paint film: 5 batches of 88 solvent based rubber asphalt waterproof coatings are unqualified; Physical and chemical properties - cigarette burning resistance of paint film, 6 batches of which are unqualified. Mechanics should remove the air in time. There are 12 batches of unqualified tensile member strength items of cabinet analogy; Mechanical properties - 14 batches of vertical loading stability items of cabinet movable parts are unqualified. There are 6 batches of unqualified items in the instructions for use

2013 wood furniture quality supervision and spot check unqualified products

woodworking requirements; Strength of cabinets (strength of push-pull components); Cabinet stability (vertical loading stability of moving parts); Impact resistance of paint film

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