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Shanghai reported the inspection results of liquid milk products

on September 17, the general office of the State Council issued a request to adjust four foot seats to make them evenly exposed to the "notice on strengthening the production and operation management of liquid milk", requiring all enterprises that use reconstituted milk in the production and processing of liquid milk to report to the local quality and technical supervision department for filing before the product is officially put into production, and to mark their products as "reconstituted milk" on the package. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized a comprehensive inspection of the city's liquid milk production and processing enterprises from October 15. Recently, at the Shanghai food safety joint meeting, the relevant inspection of liquid milk production in Shanghai was officially notified

inspection column 4. The results of the key training areas of leading enterprises show that among the 15 liquid milk production and processing enterprises in the city, except the first branch of Shanghai Weigang Dairy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yong'an Dairy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guoxiang Technology Co., Ltd Five enterprises including Shanghai Bomi Food Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yuejie Dairy Co., Ltd. suspended the production and processing of liquid milk due to product structure adjustment and other reasons before the relevant notice was issued, and all liquid milk products of the remaining 10 enterprises have not used reconstituted milk for production and processing at this stage, and the product packaging and marking are true and standardized, while Shanghai Sanyuan QuanJia Dairy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Youlu Dairy Co., Ltd Shanghai Zhenyuan Dairy Co., Ltd. and other three enterprises that plan to use reconstituted milk have filed with the quality supervision department, and will clearly note the product as "reconstituted milk" on the new package

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