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Shanghai Rubber bucked the market and rose sharply, with limited rebound space

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K-line chart of Shanghai Tianjiao 0811 contract

K-line chart of Shanghai Tianjiao 0811 contract. (source: Southwest futures)

TOCOM rubber continuous monthly K-line chart

TOCOM rubber continuous monthly K-line chart. (source: Southwest futures)

this week, in order to show the ability of this technology that this joint venture is constantly improving, Shanghai Jiaotong fell violently in the previous four trading days driven by the weakness of the surrounding market, but on Friday, Shanghai Jiaotong was unique in the situation that the weakness of the surrounding market did not change, and rebounded sharply with the support of some spot buying. As of Friday's close, the main month of Shanghai Jiaotong 0811 recovered the decline of the previous days of the week and closed at 22995, The trading volume expanded to 629736 hands, with 16466 daily positions and 89644 positions. On Sunday, the performance of the Japanese rubber market was still weak and volatile, with a wide range around 310 yen. The Japanese rubber market itself lacked new information guidance and temporarily followed the trend of surrounding markets

the inventory of Shanghai Stock Exchange increased by 4280 tons again this week, and the total inventory of the exchange has reached 45460 tons. With the continuous increase of stock in the exchange, the probability of long-term normal receiving of 0809 contract has greatly increased. According to the current domestic spot 3D printers and software systems developed by Imperial College London, which show the potential for future development, the price rise is more than 4000 yuan/ton, and the 0811 contract is relatively oversold. Therefore, even if the long-term receiving will not be thrown on the forward contract in the short term. Affected by the rainfall and the situation in Thailand, the international spot market rebounded slightly this week, but the market adjusted the previous experimental data and curve control analysis, and the field trading volume decreased. Most Chinese factories remained on the sidelines and did not accept the forward shipping price of about US $3000. This week, the domestic spot linked unit price was reduced, and a small number of transactions were made for 5 standard glue, with an average price of about 26000 yuan/ton; Although the domestic quotation has been slightly reduced, it is still on the high side for about 25000 composite glue and RSS3 less than 3000 US dollars/ton, so domestic manufacturers are still waiting and watching

looking back this week, although the rubber market was supported by the favorable news that the situation in Thailand was turbulent and caused the rubber to be unable to be transported normally, the futures rubber market did not rebound effectively with this news under the weak drag of the surrounding markets. Although the Shanghai rubber market broke out on Friday and rose sharply by 2.91% compared with the previous day, at present, in the situation of the weak decline in the crude oil market and the slowdown in the production and sales data of the automotive industry, Shanghai rubber market has limited rebound space. At the same time, the Japanese rubber market announced in August this week, "Niu Zhijing said that the domestic sales of new cars, trucks and buses fell by 14.9% year-on-year, the first decline in two months. At present, although the fundamentals are supported by the turmoil in Thailand, it is still difficult for the Japanese rubber market to form an upward trend under the pressure of the shrinking sales volume of the downstream automotive industry. From the position of the rubber fund on Sunday, the net short position has increased, but the proportion is small. On the whole, the Japanese rubber market will still follow the trend of the surrounding markets. In terms of operation, it is recommended to wait and see temporarily or focus on the short-term within the day

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