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Metso provides biomass pyrolysis oil production equipment to Finnish power plants

recently, Metso signed an agreement with the power and heat division of Finland futen company to provide a set of bio oil production equipment and related automation systems to the company's power plant in Joensuu, Finland. The supply is a set of exhibition equipment, which uses forest residues and other biomass as raw materials to produce biomass pyrolysis oil. The product can replace heavy-duty fuel oil, and can also be used as chemical raw materials and biomass diesel production in the future

the output of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide of this set of equipment has increased by more than 50%, with a rate of 30MW, and the design production capacity is 50000 tons/year, equivalent to 210 GWH of energy, that is, the heat consumption of more than 10000 private houses in a year. The production equipment will use 225000 cubic meters of forest residues and sawdust every year. This new process, which combines bio oil and power production, turns industrial by-products into power and regional thermal production (1) high-performance carbon fibers and their composites into reality. This process will also reduce the annual carbon dioxide emissions of the plant by 59000 tons

Kai m ENP, general manager of Metso power division, said: Metso actively participates in the research and development of new technologies and provides support for power production. This set of display equipment is crucial to the commercialization of products, which can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. In this project, the bio oil production equipment is successfully combined with the fluidized bed boiler, so that the uncondensed gas and coke in the cracking process can be burned

bio oil is produced by cracking process. In this process, wooden biomaterials are rapidly heated to 500 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, biomass is evaporated into gas. It turns into bio oil after cooling. Since 2007, Metso has cooperated with VTT, futen and UPM in Finnish technology research to develop cracking technology. This achievement is based on VTT's research and patented technology, and the need to control the filler filler spacing to be greater than the force range

Metso will provide equipment to futen in a turnkey manner. The scope of supply includes basic and civil works, production equipment, Metso DNA automation system and electrical system. This set of display equipment will further verify and develop the cracking technology and Metso DNA automation system, so as to lay the foundation for large-scale industrial production in the future

this new equipment will be put into operation in the autumn of 2013. The contract amount has not been announced. The contract was included in the new orders of pulp, paper and power division in the first quarter

Futeng's business covers thermal power production, distribution, sales and related professional services. The company has nearly 10800 employees

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