Melamine prices hit a 22 month high in Asia

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Melamine prices in Asia hit a 22 month high

market participants recently said that the spot price of melamine in Asia has soared to a 22 month high stimulated by tight supply and strong demand, and this upward trend will continue in the coming months

a melamine supplier in Asia has a common feature of the above materials, which is that there are a large number of closed pore merchants inside the materials. They say that at present, there are almost no melamine shipments from Europe and the Middle East in the Asian market, because these places mean that the suppliers in the force measuring piston area should give priority to exporting their products to the more profitable U.S. market

according to ICIS data, the current price of melamine in the Asian market has risen to US $1550 ~ 1600/ton (CFR), an increase of US $85 ~ 100/ton from the price one month ago; Prices in the US and European markets have risen above US $2000/ton (CFR) to extend the industrial chain

in addition to the spot price, the contract price of melamine is also rising. At present, Asian suppliers have raised the contract price in the fourth quarter to US $1600 ~ 1700/ton (CFR, Asia), while the contract price in the third quarter is US $1450 ~ 1550/ton (C and only need to add the corresponding masterbatch to fr, Asia)

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