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On August 13-14, Yu Xubo, Secretary of the Party group of general technology group, Tan Xinghui, deputy secretary of the Party group, and Zhang Fengchun, Li Xiaochun, Zhou Mingchun, and Wang Xusheng, members of the Party group, formed a special research group to investigate and guide Shenyang machine tools. 5. The work of pneumatic sensors was damaged when they were impacted by external forces or used in excess of capacity. They visited the intelligent manufacturing demonstration base in Shenyang machine tool plant ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shenyang First Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd., Zoje machine tool major base and other units, and went deep into the grass-roots level to have discussions and exchanges with employees

on August 13, the group's research team visited ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd., intelligent manufacturing demonstration center, Shenyang No. 1 machine tool plant and other four units, listened to the operation and management report of Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd., learned about products, technology and market conditions in detail, and had in-depth exchanges with national model worker Xu Baojun and national may day labor medal winner gailiya on the spot

at the symposium, the research team listened to the work reports of Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. on Party construction, production and operation, reform and development, the preparation of the 14th five year plan, safety and environmental protection, etc

on August 14, the members of the research team led the team to carry out special work research, listened to the company's reports on Party building, human resources construction, corporate culture construction, petition stability, risk prevention and control, information construction, safety production, international operation, technology and quality, and went deep into the workshop team to listen to the opinions and suggestions of front-line employees

Yu Xubo and Li Xiaochun went deep into the general technology Party branch of ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to conduct research, visited the small Longmen design room, electrical design room, planer sleeper design room and the Party member activity room of the branch, and had discussions and exchanges with front-line party members

Tan Xinghui listened to the report on the party construction, human resources construction and publicity work of Shenyang Machinery Group, listened to the human resources construction of Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd., and communicated with relevant personnel of the party mass human resources department, corporate culture department and Human Resources Department of Shenyang Machinery Group

after listening to the report on the petition work of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Zhang Fengchun investigated and visited the CNC turret branch, the metrology and physicochemical center and the employee activity center, listened to the introduction of the relevant on-site responsible person who wanted to do what others didn't do, and talked with the representatives of the labor union, workers and technicians on site

Zhou Mingchun listened to the information on risk prevention and control, audit and informatization construction of Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. he should also report on the weak links of production through experiments in climate environment, mechanical environment and normal human application according to the specific state, investigate and visit the site of excellent equipment teams, listen to the on-site introduction of relevant principals, and have on-site exchanges and discussions with workers and technicians

Wang Xusheng listened to the report of Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. on safety production and quality construction, as well as the international operation of Shenyang Machinery Group, visited some workshops of Shenyang first truck, listened to the on-site introduction of relevant principals, and had on-site exchanges and discussions with workers and technicians

during the investigation, Yu Xubo gave a special party lesson to the members of Shenyang Machinery Group, Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. and all Party members of the contact point (in Shenyang, Yu Xubo said: the top and bottom share the same desire and do things well). All members of the group's research group participated in the party class

during this trip, the research team also rushed to the Northeast company of post and telecommunications equipment to visit the park and listen to the report of the person in charge of the Northeast company on the basic situation of the enterprise

construction of innovation system with enterprises as the main body

heads of group office, development headquarters, personnel headquarters, capital headquarters, party and mass department, equipment business department and relevant personnel participated in the activities. Accompanied by relevant principals of Shenyang Machinery Group and Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd

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