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[locks] industry memorabilia

the 2017 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), with "the first exhibition of building materials in Asia", was grandly opened in Pazhou Guangzhou on July 8, with H3PO4 iron Li, 3 yuan, cobalt acid Li materials as the main exhibition hall. This exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas of ABCD, of which area a is the smart exhibition area, which covers the medium-sized industries of smart locks, smart homes, building hardware and TPO compounds for automotive interiors. In terms of ranking, smart lock and smart home are ranked first in the four exhibition areas, which shows that the organizers attach importance to the development of intelligence. In the smart exhibition area, smart lock is definitely a great highlight. This issue of "industry memorabilia" will show you what highlights have occurred in the smart lock industry at the Construction Expo ~

highlight 1: more smart lock enterprises than in previous years

this exhibition has attracted a total of more than 2200 exhibitors, more than 150000 professional visitors, and more than 850000 exhibition attendees. Among them, there are nearly 200 smart lock and related upstream and downstream enterprises, accounting for about 9% of the total number of exhibitors, which is definitely the most beautiful scenery of this exhibition

the Glenfield tragedy of huitailong, dinggu, Yajie, kaidishi, Keyu, Chuangjia, Manshen, jinzhima, Moli, romance, Sligo, ELFORD, Heilong, cherry blossom, Wrigley, Asia Pacific Tianneng and Yun in June 2017 confirmed that the association needed to be recognized as the representative of the PIR (polyisocyanurate) and pur (polyurethane foam) industries. Ding, int, VOC, haolishi and other traditional smart lock enterprises were all present

foreign funded enterprises such as anlangjie, domakiba, Samsung Electronics, cross-border intelligent lock enterprises such as Haier, Skyworth, Tsinghua Tongfang, Tsinghua Ziguang, fingerprint and related module enterprises such as Zhian and Tongxin intelligence also participated in the exhibition

highlight 2: new technology has become the focus of attention

in this exhibition, in addition to fingerprint recognition, which is the most widely used opening method, face, iris, finger vein and other opening methods are also gradually used by some manufacturers. During the visit of lock Jun, many enterprises said that fingerprint recognition is still the best choice at present. First, it is cost-effective, second, it is stable, and the price is easy to be accepted by users

although the cost of face recognition is also gradually reduced, many enterprises are still worried about its stability. The price of iris and finger vein is high, and of course, the safety is relatively high, but at present, it can only be targeted at high-end users. Although many enterprises have not yet adopted iris and finger vein recognition technology, they are also waiting or making corresponding technical reserves. In addition, unlocking, IOT smart lock, fully automatic smart lock and so on are also the functions that attract the most attention of the audience at this exhibition

highlight 3: face recognition door lock module

helps upgrade the smart lock industry

in recent years, artificial intelligence, smart residential areas and smart home products are in the ascendant, and face lock, as the first entry of smart home, has achieved rapid development. Compared with password lock and fingerprint lock, face lock is better in intelligent interaction, security and convenience. All excellent intelligent door lock enterprises have emerged. Based on the advantages of the core independent face recognition algorithm, Eason electronics has been based on the research and development of face recognition door lock solutions for many years. After years of painstaking polishing and continuous iterative upgrading of modules, Eason will present up to 5 mature face lock module solutions and dozens of face recognition intelligent locks with different styles and functions at this exhibition

Yisheng face recognition door lock module adopts near-infrared face recognition technology, which has the characteristics of live face verification, anti-counterfeiting, not affected by ambient light, twins free from opening each other, ultra-low power consumption, face brushing seconds on, high recognition rate, low error recognition rate; By embedding the face recognition door lock module into the smart lock with a simple peripheral circuit, the smart lock can have a powerful face recognition function

highlight 4: Yuema security

challenges the new height of smart lock

Yuema smart lock, which appeared in the exhibition, also reinterprets Yuema's development ideas in the field of smart home and security with its main concepts of ultra-thin, anti-theft, simplicity and security! Mr. Zheng Qingfang, Yuema's brand director, also said: Yuema believes that the intelligence of smart locks or fingerprint locks is only the external function of locks, and the anti-theft of locks is always the most important. Therefore, Yuema integrates the core competitiveness Yuema is good at - anti-theft into its products on the basis of focusing on the application of smart lock functions, and also perfectly combines anti-theft, intelligence, design concept, humanization and so on, It endows the lock with a new concept, and also shows the brand height of Yuema's extraordinary "wisdom" through its accumulation and thin development

it is understood that the ultra-thin anti riot smart lock exhibited in this Construction Expo, which integrates eight innovative technologies, will bring users a more comfortable smart home experience. At the same time, among Yuema's traditional products, from safe to anti-theft lock body, Yuema's latest generation of lock cylinder is also configured, showing Yuema's latest anti-theft technology. At the exhibition site, Yuema will also hold "smart lock test" and other colorful interactive activities with on-site guests

highlight 5: Cherry Blossom

"creative exhibition hall" is eye-catching

in this exhibition, the appearance of the cherry blossom exhibition hall is like an abstract blooming cherry blossom. The designer Wang Yang takes "cherry petals" as a visual element. After abstract deformation, the ecological beauty of the curve is summarized into a perfect shape with philosophical speculative significance with simple segmented arcs. Through accumulation, reorganization, superposition and other design means, The magnificent momentum of the exhibition hall is constructed, showing a rigorous and innovative new design concept. The cherry blossom exhibition hall is full of creativity, which has been praised by many guests. It is reported that Sakura blossom is the design of the special exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the founding of Sakura lock industry in 2017. The exhibition hall is simple, elegant, modern and intelligent, showing the brand image of Sakura smart lock, which is "more charming, more diverse and more intelligent", and it is unforgettable

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