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Liuzhou workers' global "family" members gather at Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Liuzhou workers' global "family" members gather at Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

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in November, although it has entered late autumn, Liuzhou is green. On the 17th, the autumn wind was rustling, and the chill could not stop the enthusiasm of Liugong's overseas dealers and customers. They traveled thousands of miles from all over the world to Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the company's 2014 annual meeting of global dealers

the theme of this annual meeting is "innovative business drives the future", and nearly 300 dealers from more than 70 countries around the world attended the annual meeting. The leaders of the company, Wang Xiaohua, Zeng Guang'an, Yu chuanfen, Wang Xiangmin, Li Yuning, Huang Min, Guan Tongbao, Yu Yajun, Huang Jianbing, Luo guobing and Wang Taiping, gathered together with global dealers to review the performance in 2014 and discuss the development plan in 2015. Guan Yueqing, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the autonomous region, Liu Chuanlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Liuzhou municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, as well as the old leaders of the autonomous region and the company were invited to attend the annual meeting

the road changes. Thank you for your company.

at the meeting, Wang Xiaohua, chairman of the group company, first delivered a speech. "In the process of Liugong's rapid development in the world, overseas dealers have made great contributions." Wang Xiaohua expressed his sincere thanks to the dealers and customers for their consistent loyal follow-up, and hoped that the dealers could work with Liu Gong to cope with the current difficulties

Zeng Guangan, President of the group company and chairman of the joint stock company, analyzed the global economic situation and prospected the industry and company. He believes that in the future, China's economic growth will tend to be stable, and the manufacturing environment has undergone great changes during the economic transformation period. The market demand for construction machinery has slowed down or declined, and customers will put forward higher requirements for quality and service

yuchuanfen, President of the joint stock company, made a business report of the joint stock company. He reviewed the important achievements and work highlights of the joint stock company in 2014. He pointed out that in 2014, it increased by US $0.073/t (15180000 tons); South Africa to China 5.5 (6) US $5/ton (15180000 tons); Iran to China 9.5 ⑴ 0.5 US dollars/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) China's construction machinery industry sales continue to decline, the decline of the company's business is lower than the industry average decline, and the overall performance is better than the industry level

Yu chuanfen introduced that in 2014, the company made every effort to promote the technical upgrading and upgrading of the whole series of products, and the new generation of H-series loaders representing the highest level in China's industry was grandly listed, once again laying the company's position in earth moving machinery. The successive launch of other new products; The company's global R & D center, which is comparable to international benchmark enterprises, is about to be completed; The company won the national quality award again, which will comprehensively improve the brand influence and market position of the company in the global market

"in the next five years, the company will basically form a global layout and realize the transformation of regional operation capacity." Yu chuanfen put forward the future strategic plan. The company will jointly promote the whole value chain globally, develop products R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales, financing and other businesses, implement talent localization strategy, and promote capacity-building in major regions

challenges and opportunities coexist, and product portfolio marketing has become a competitive advantage

"in 2014, the global economic structure has changed, customer demand has also changed, and the construction machinery industry is full of challenges, but more opportunities." Luo guobing, vice president of the joint-stock company, said in his international business report at the meeting

in 2014, the export of China's construction machinery industry also fell by 17%, and the decline of the company's export was smaller than that of its domestic competitors. In the adverse environment, the company's overseas business has many highlights. Up to now, the number of overseas dealers has reached 261, of which 16 dealers have newly joined Liugong this year. The number of overseas customers of the company has reached 14000; 26 new products are introduced into the market; Completed the authorization of 30 dealers for Guangxi Cummins products and services, and conducted 130 service trainings for more than 1500 people; Online application of service training; The availability rate of PDC accessories of the company increased by 3%; A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with China export and credit insurance company to realize the financing of end customers in the UK and Argentina

in 2015, the company's overseas business goal will achieve new growth. In order to achieve the goal, the company will strengthen product application research, steadily promote the introduction of new products, optimize product mix marketing, and create the competitive advantage of Liugong products; Strengthen the order management of the whole value chain; Optimized inventory management; Build a comprehensive support platform for dealers to improve their capabilities; Improve the key customer management system; Improve the operation ability and efficiency of overseas accessories business, identify the percentage of compliance conditions, and promote the accessories system platform; The service function continues to move forward to create an efficient service support platform for subsidiaries; Accelerate the construction of overseas it network platforms and improve the efficiency of system integration; Strengthen the construction of credit system and continue to strengthen cooperation with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation; Give full play to the functions of the financing platform, and accelerate the promotion of financial leasing to set business freely according to needs; Continue to strengthen brand building and promote the organic combination of enterprise brand building and product brand building

during the meeting, a dressta special sharing meeting was held to introduce the global bulldozer market situation and trends, the company's main R & D projects and achievements of bulldozers, etc; Released the company's accessories EPC system; Reported the post market business and product marketing; Shared the marketing experience of dealers in Britain and Saudi Arabia. Representatives of all dealers and heads of all regions held regional chapters, analyzed and discussed the problems existing in marketing and service work in 2014, summarized experience, and shared their work plans for 2015

the conference also commended the outstanding overseas dealers in 2014 and awarded 19 awards, including "outstanding contribution award", "outstanding brand award", "outstanding key customer development award", "outstanding regional dealer Award" and "Tenth Anniversary Cooperation Award"

"Liugong is the representative of Chinese enterprises' transformation to internationalization"

Guan Yueqing, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the autonomous region, addressed the meeting and pointed out that Liugong, as the pacesetter of China's construction machinery industry and the main force of Guangxi's industrial development, has made positive contributions to accelerating Guangxi's economic construction. At the same time, he believes that Liugong is a model of Guangxi enterprises that "go out because it is firm" and a representative of Chinese enterprises' transformation to internationalization

liuchuanlin, member of the Standing Committee of Liuzhou municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, said that Liugong's overseas dealer network has become a sharp weapon for international market sales. He said, "since Liugong implemented the 'going out' development strategy, it has focused on the global business strategic layout, established an overseas business system including market research and development, overseas manufacturing, overseas marketing services and other important links of the value chain, and created the most sound overseas agency system in China's construction machinery industry."

the previous senior leaders of the company, Zhang Pei, Yang zikang, Yang Guanmiao, Liu Zhujian, Feng Li, Yang Yichuan, Zhu Yuanhu and Huang Xujiu, on behalf of the older generation who laid the cornerstone of Liu Gong's great cause, were invited to the stage one by one in warm applause to accept the tribute of all present

the trendy "856h" launched a full range of products into the international market

in the afternoon of the 18th, in the indoor exhibition hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center, with the visually striking loader operation scene on the huge LED screen, the first model clg856h of the company's latest generation of H-series loader was released. "Energy saving, high efficiency, strong reliability, convenient maintenance, modern and dynamic appearance..." Guan Tongbao, vice president of the joint-stock company, made a professional and detailed explanation on the scene, which aroused the strong interest of dealers in "856h". A Philippine dealer ordered two clg856h loaders on the spot

on the outdoor exhibition field of nearly 1000 square meters, the new products of E series excavators, together with nearly 50 new products of the company's full range of products, shine in the golden sun, attracting the attention of global merchants, and showing the confidence and strength of the company in the international market

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