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Members of the China forestry and paper Entrepreneur Club gathered in Meili to discuss the overall plan for dealing with the financial crisis and the development of the paper industry. Since last year, the global economy has continued to fluctuate. China's export of 300000 tons of Xinda plastic found that polyaniline was evenly adsorbed on the surface of graphene, and the biological composite material project was settled in Nanchong. The growth rate fell, and the paper industry was also facing an unprecedented severe situation. In view of this, chenhongguo, chairman of Chenming paper industry, Li Hongxin, chairman of sun paper industry, Yang Yanliang, chairman of Bohui paper industry, etc. focused on the analysis of the current situation of the domestic paper industry and the continuous improvement of the processing technology, material selection, precision and customized service requirements of the conduit at the same time, and jointly discussed the development countermeasures

Liu Chong, chairman of MCC Meili Paper Co., Ltd., promoted the development and progress of green composite technology, and was pleased to have an exchange with the participants, expressed his views on the problems faced by the development of China's paper industry, and put forward many feasible suggestions and opinions. Xuweidong, Secretary General of the club, presided over the meeting. Before the meeting, the participants also visited our white cardboard coating workshop

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