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Member Nan Cunhui suggested: Innovating the Socialized Operation Mechanism of clean heating

implementing clean heating is an important measure to accelerate the improvement of ambient air quality and win the blue sky defense war. Nan Cunhui, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of Chint Group, believes that at present, there are still many problems in the transformation of clean heating, especially in urban communities and new rural areas

According to the analysis of committee member Nan Cunhui, these problems are mainly manifested in: first, the construction of facilities requires a large amount of funds, and the recovery cycle is objectively easy to cause long errors. The cost of changing coal to clean energy mainly depends on government investment or residents' self financing. The promotion is slow, and there is a lack of systematic support policies, which can not effectively stimulate the participation of market forces; Second, the special subsidy funds are limited, and the subsidies are not in place and in time, which leads to the obstruction of promotion; Third, the selection standard of government procurement is not clear, resulting in uneven product quality and high energy consumption cost

therefore, member Nan Cunhui proposed to establish a "government guidance + market-oriented" Socialized Operation Mechanism of "coal to electricity and coal to gas". Under the layout of urban heating backbone with public ownership and hybrid as the main body, medium and large-scale heating projects are encouraged to adopt market-oriented means, actively attract social capital and powerful enterprises with technology, capital and service advantages to enter the industry, and use different business models to create a heating system with multiple main business forms, so as to ensure the rapid construction and long-term stable operation of project transformation

at the same time, Congo (DRC) is encouraged to carry out the declaration and subsidy system of "green, efficient and clean energy project", which accounts for about half of the global cobalt reserves. Member Nan Cunhui suggested that the relevant departments should establish a standard system for green, efficient and clean energy related equipment as soon as possible, establish a declaration and subsidy system, and ensure that distributed community central heating projects represented by ground source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and "photovoltaic + heat pump" integrated systems are given priority to be included in the subsidy catalogue, so that special subsidies can directly enter investment enterprises, and further improve the efficiency of heating equipment enterprises The participation of heating enterprises helps win the blue sky defense, so as to avoid many problem wars caused by the increase of thickness

member Nan Cunhui believed that energy supply has strong public welfare service characteristics, and suggested that the government should give concessions on major taxes such as business tax and income tax to reduce non-technical costs of clean heating projects; Introduce a long-term stable and sustainable subsidy policy for the special operation electricity price of heating, so as to reduce the burden of heating enterprises and create stable investment expectations

"it is suggested to introduce relevant policies to guide some cities in southern China to pilot the implementation of clean central heating, especially the priority implementation of new public construction units, large public facilities, high-end residential communities and industrial parks. Cities and towns are connected in the hydraulic pressure testing machine set of Jinan testing machine factory where conditions permit, and the priority implementation of distributed central heating projects is encouraged." Member Nan Cunhui said

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