Trends of benzene, benzene and benzene in the hott

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Market dynamics of benzene and benzene in the southwest market

the market atmosphere is flat. It is understood that the price fluctuates slightly. The southwest pure benzene market is stable and tends to be soft in this period. Due to the weak rise of the external market, traders' confidence in the market is insufficient, and the trading intention is reduced. Although the manufacturer's quotation remains stable, the market price is stable and weakening. Toluene market supply was basically stable, and traders' shipping intention increased, but buyers received limited goods, the trading atmosphere was low, and the market price was sideways. The xylene market is relatively stable. Although the downstream demand is light, the quotation of traders is basically stable due to the small supply stock. In the aftermarket, due to the high inventory of suppliers, the external market trend is gradually weakening, which has a certain pressure on the mentality of traders. In addition, the price of pure benzene has risen sharply, and the downward space has increased, so there is a possibility of gradual weakening in the later stage; However, due to low downstream demand and relatively loose supply, the prices of toluene and xylene will bear certain downward pressure in the later stage. At present, the market quotation of Southwest pure benzene is yuan/ton, toluene is yuan/ton, and xylene is yuan/ton

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