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Ink class: Q & A on ink use

1. What are the components of solvent ink? What is the role of each

answer: ⑴ binder: it is a resin, which mainly plays a connecting role and determines the smoothness, hardness, weather resistance, moisture resistance and other properties of the ink

; ⑵ pigment: it determines the fineness, weather resistance, solvent resistance, drug resistance and other properties of the ink, as well as whether it contains heavy gold

⑶ additives: improve the printability of ink

⑷ solvent: it is used to adjust the viscosity and drying speed, increase the adhesion with the substrate, dissolve the resin as the bonding and auxiliary agent, and disperse "niuzhijing, chief marketing officer of rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd., said that comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation of pigments is also required

2. What are the five variables of silk printing

answer: scraper hardness, distance, printing speed, scraping pressure and ink suitability

3. Is it right to add diluent before using the ink? Why

answer: it is wrong to add diluent before mixing, because the viscosity of the ink will decrease and become thinner after being subjected to external forces (such as mixing). Therefore, any ink must be thoroughly stirred before adjusting its viscosity after opening the can

4. What is the role of solvents in solvent based inks

answer: ⑴ dissolve the resin in the ink to make adhesive. ⑵ disperse the pigments and dissolving AIDS in the ink to improve the printability. ⑶ dissolve and swell the substrate to improve the adhesion between the ink and the substrate. (4) adjust the viscosity to improve the printability of the ink. (5) adjust the drying speed to meet the requirements of screen printing environment

5. If there is no problem with the ink quality, what are the reasons for the bubbles during the silk screen printing process? After the deceleration of the deceleration system, the moving beam is driven up and down by the lead screw pair? How to solve it

answer: Causes and solutions: ⑴ the viscosity of the ink is incorrect, so it must be diluted. ⑵ the scraping speed is fast and the distance is large. The bubbles are pulled out because the silk spring is too fast away from the substrate. ⑶ the wrong solvent is used, and the miscibility with the ink is poor, so the special solvent for the ink must be used. (4) use quick drying solvent under high temperature and low humidity, resulting in bubbles in the surface conjunctiva. (5) the surface of the substrate is not easy to be wetted, causing bubbles. (6) the ink is expired


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