Q & A of the hottest near infrared coating tester

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Near infrared coating tester Q & a

near infrared coating tester Q & a

1 What is an infrared coating tester

is an automatic measuring instrument for measuring coating thickness (weight) based on the principle of infrared spectroscopy. It is also called thickness gauge, glue gauge, infrared, etc. in the coating industry

2. Why use infrared tester

it can detect the change of coating in real time, improve product quality and output, reduce production cost, and make data recording convenient for production management

3. What are the characteristics of the infrared tester

non-contact, continuous, rapid test, maintenance free

4. Where is the infrared tester made

American process sensors Corporation (Infrared Testing Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading R & D and production company of infrared testing technology in the world. It has developed a series of testers for coating applications. The main model in China is mct50x

5. Where is it installed

6. What kind of glue can be used to measure the size of the clamped sample

water glue, oil glue and hot-melt glue can be tested. Usually, water glue and hot-melt glue are tested with cloth coating head. If oil glue is not volatile and there is no explosion-proof requirement, it can also be tested at cloth coating head, otherwise it is better to test at coiling

7. How accurate is the test

depends on different applications, see the following separate descriptions of various applications

8. What effect does the substrate have on the test

the oil gel test is conducted by 1 company in order to seek a new breakthrough and select the torque loading level together with the film thickness, that is, to test the total thickness; The thickness of paper can not be measured by infrared, so the coating thickness of paper is only the thickness of glue; As long as the sampling error is transmitted to the system, the thickness of the substrate changes greatly

9. What should we pay attention to in daily use

daily maintenance is free. Just keep the mirror clean

10. How long is the warranty

it is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery


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