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[] for many people who decorate for the first time, they have little experience in the charging, materials, construction and other links in the process of home decoration, so some home decoration companies seize this weakness and set traps, resulting in home decoration owners spending more money wrongly, and the final decoration effect is not satisfactory. So, for people with zero experience in decoration, how to avoid the risk of home decoration

◆ it is impossible to prevent home decoration traps

it is understood that hydropower construction is a very important basic decoration project in home decoration, and it is also a construction project that it is difficult for non professionals to calculate the actual demand. Most owners simply don't know how many potentials, how many meters of wires, and how many meters of water pipes their houses need. Since owners don't understand, home decoration companies facilitate these links to spend money wantonly

although the home decoration company on the hydropower project has a budget quotation, the most common charging method for hydropower construction is: strong current sockets and lamp positions are charged according to the potential, while water pipes, computers, telephones and television lines are charged according to the meter. The home decoration company signed the decoration contract with the owner at a low price. After the actual construction volume is measured after the completion of the hydropower project, the owner is required to settle according to the actual construction volume in the decoration contract

in addition, it has long been a well-known hidden rule in the industry for decorators to help owners choose materials and get kickbacks. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are basically paved with floor tiles. According to a dealer who sells ceramic tiles, if the decorators help the owners choose ceramic tiles, the rebate can get about 20% of the payment

the reporter turned to several building materials markets, from ceramic tiles and wooden floors, to furniture, cabinets, sanitary appliances, as well as hardware for wooden doors, lamps and lanterns, which make people dazzling, and the prices of different brands vary widely. A person in charge of decoration revealed that when some irregular home decoration companies help owners choose materials, they generally do not choose brand materials, because brand goods are relatively transparent, the market price gap is small, and the rebate is low. Nails, cement, sand, paint, paint, etc. cannot be accurately counted, so there are opportunities in price and dosage. Many home decoration companies hope that the owner will contract labor and materials for decoration. Although the fees for labor and design are not high, they mainly rely on the rebate of purchasing materials to obtain profits. The price of purchasing main materials by home decoration companies is generally 10% higher than that of the owner himself & mdash; 30%。

in the interview, the reporter also found that many large decoration companies now look very powerful. In fact, they don't have so many technicians and construction teams at all. They contract projects in the name of large companies and then work with guerrillas. Some even subcontract the projects and only charge management fees. Such decoration quality can't be guaranteed at all





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