Xiaoni's house is as delicate as your modern bedro

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The case of xiaonizhai rationing in this issue is a house that uses modern design language and combines elements of northern Europe. The color and material expression are exquisite and complete, and the whole space is very meticulous from entering the house to the overall space

this is a house with modern design language and Nordic elements (furniture). The color and material expression are exquisite and complete

the design of the entrance is simple, based on grayish green, reflecting the bright temperament of metal and mirror, and the lighting design increases the level and charm of the space

redundant walls are removed, and floor to ceiling windows bring plenty of natural light and broad vision

a large number of natural materials are used, and the implicit characteristics of wood are brought into full play. At the same time, the language of marble and metal is added, and their natural presentation is perfectly combined. It seems conservative, but the final result is quite good

this lamp is like a tree trunk and a newborn mushroom. It is elegant and does not fail. The rough texture of the sofa helps it become the visual center here

it is designed as a small bar, and the Nordic style furniture ensures the lightness here

the design of the kitchen is very good. It presents three materials: wood and marble comfortably, without the feeling of deliberately placing, which is not so easy

through the design of wooden fence, it is cleverly separated from the external space to maintain the integrity and smoothness of vision. The TV can be hung on it naturally

the mirror placed in the bedroom skillfully maintains the balance and takes care of the flow of Feng Shui

a partition is placed in the aisle outside the bedroom in the window, which is a well lit location. As a lonely space, it has the taste of dreams shining into reality

designers are very obsessed with elements such as mirrors and circles. They form the wall lamp here, and the design here is compact and practical

the main bathroom space is separated by a piece of glass, which is transparent and unique in artistic beauty

wood grain brick series is used in the secondary sanitary space as a whole, with lavender glass partitions, making the whole space full of natural and transparent feeling





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