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At present, there are many decoration preferential packages. When choosing decoration preferential packages, you must carefully see the items contained in the packages and compare the product quality. However, many preferential packages with pitfalls are manifested in vague items, vague calculation costs, intentional omission, intentional addition of items, sky high prices, fake and shoddy, cheating, low level of construction team, complex restrictions, false marketing, etc. For example, hydropower, some companies have no budget and deliberately add items temporarily. The trap of decoration preferential package needs to be guarded against as soon as possible

1. See how many items are included.

it is understood that the package includes part of the main materials and part of the construction projects. Whether the package is more cost-effective, we should first compare the number of products and construction projects it contains. The more products and construction items included in the package, the more cost-effective it will be. For example, in the sanitary ware set, you can see whether it includes a shower (shower decoration effect drawing). It costs about 100 yuan to buy a shower separately. In addition, you can see how many doors are included in the package. Some packages contain 3 doors, some contain 4 doors, and some doors in the package do not include door locks, door latches, hinges and other accessories, which need to be purchased by consumers themselves. Consumers can configure the required number of products, and then compare whether the price is appropriate. In terms of construction projects, some companies will say that their packages include floors, but do not include the cost of floor paving and auxiliary materials; Some companies say the package includes cabinets, but does not include cabinet installation costs. These all need consumers to compare carefully

2. See how the product quality will be

secondly, we should also compare the product quality. Although the price of the set meal seems to be almost the same, each set meal is only marked with the brand name. In fact, the specific models are different, so there are still some differences in the product quality of the set meal. If the owner can't make up his mind about the packages of the two companies, he can compare the brands of the products to see which company has more big brand products; How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. If the brand is the same, you need to compare the product models under the same price system. Because even if the brand is the same and the model is different, the product quality will vary greatly. Consumers themselves can't distinguish the quality, so they can judge the level by the price. Compared with the tiles of Mona Lisa, you can check the specific models of Mona Lisa products in the company's exhibition hall, and then compare their prices in the market. The products with high prices may have better quality

3. See whether accessories are included

finally, consumers should also pay attention to some product accessories. For example, during the installation of sanitary ware, whether the products such as hoses, splayed valves and even glass glue required are included in the package. If it is not included, you need to compare it yourself. These product accessories will account for a part of the decoration expenditure. If they can be included in the package, they can save a lot of expenses

4. Looking at the items outside the package is also more important than

insiders also introduced that the owner should look at what items have been included in the contract, whether these items are enough to complete the whole decoration, and if not, how much money will it cost. In other words, in addition to comparing the products in the package, we should also compare some items outside the package. So, how should we compare

first, the unit price of construction items should be compared. In terms of packages, most of them do not include water circuit transformation, waterproofing and other projects, while some personalized items such as special-shaped ceiling (ceiling decoration effect drawing), gypsum line, package riser and so on also need to be priced separately. Once these are the items that consumers need to be involved in, you can compare the unit prices of these items to see what materials are used and how the unit prices are, in which you can see a lot of ways





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