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Currently in the building materials market. Wood flooring mainly includes solid wood flooring, reinforced composite flooring and solid wood composite flooring, as well as some "alternative" flooring, such as cork flooring, bamboo flooring, etc. Nowadays, the diversification of wood flooring brands in the market makes consumers at a loss. Now let's learn about the big "PK" of the three core floors

I. solid wood floor &mdash& mdash; Pursue comfort

the traditional solid wood floor is still charming. It is made of natural wood, and the price varies according to different tree species. Solid wood flooring is processed by equipment without any bonding treatment in technology. Common ones are flat, tongue and groove, finger joint and integrated finger joint floor

solid wood flooring is expensive and is a high-end product in flooring. The low-grade Shuiqu willow floor also costs about 100 yuan/square meter, while the floor of precious wood species such as teak costs more than 400 yuan/square meter. Its advantage is that it feels good and has grade. But it is easy to deform if it is not handled well, and it needs to be waxed regularly, which is not easy to clean

II. Solid wood composite floor &mdash& mdash; Non deformable

solid wood composite floor can be divided into multi-layer solid wood and three-layer solid wood composite floor, which is characterized by good dimensional stability

multilayer solid wood composite floor is based on multilayer solid wood plywood, and then covered with a certain thickness of precious wood veneer or planed veneer as the panel, and then through synthetic resin glue &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Urea formaldehyde resin glue or phenolic resin glue is hot pressed, and then processed into floor

as the name suggests, the three-layer solid wood composite floor is composed of three layers of wood when taken apart. The surface layer is made of panels with high-quality rare hardwood specification strips, the base material of the central layer is made of soft fast-growing wood, and the base plate is made of fast-growing poplar or medium hard miscellaneous wood. The three-layer board is hot pressed by synthetic resin glue, and then processed into a floor

according to experts, the solid wood composite floor is not easy to deform. The price is also more expensive, generally more than 200 yuan/square meter

III. laminate flooring &mdash& mdash; High wear resistance

it is also pressed in three layers. The surface layer is melamine resin impregnated decorative paper containing wear-resistant materials, the middle layer is medium and high density fiberboard or particleboard, and the bottom layer is balance paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The three layers are made of synthetic resin glue by hot pressing. This kind of floor has good wear resistance and dimensional stability

laminate flooring uses high-density board as the base material, and the material is from fast-growing forests. 2-3-year-old wood is broken into sawdust and made into boards. In this sense, laminate flooring is the most environmentally friendly wood flooring. At the same time, because the laminate floor has a wear-resistant layer, it can adapt to the harsh environment, such as the living room, aisle and other places where people often walk





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