Wuhan bairuijing 90 square meter decoration quotat

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from the house type diagram, it can be seen that this is a double balcony house type. At the same time, the bedroom also has its own bay window, so the space has been greatly utilized. Looking at the quotation, the total quotation of ten items in seven areas including bedroom, balcony, kitchen and bathroom, plus miscellaneous and basic works, is close to 40000 yuan. The foreman makes a direct quotation, and the price is not too high. Concealed works of water and electricity and basic works such as wall chipping are still the highlight of the quotation, accounting for almost half of the whole quotation, indicating that the whole decoration attaches great importance to the basic works. Only by laying a good foundation can we ensure the later decoration effect. The owner also applied for the services of supervision and star foreman, because the owner has high requirements for decoration, At the same time, the whole decoration has also carried out personalized design, such as the background wall, to meet the owners' various needs for decoration

a detailed decoration quotation can convey a lot of information. For example, it can determine the importance of hydropower as a concealed project. If the hydropower cost in the quotation is too low, the decoration effect is difficult to guarantee. Then do you want to know the decoration quotation of your house? Enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also get the design and quotation scheme of your house decoration for free, as well as the reduction and exemption of some decoration funds. See the activity page for details http://whjzw.net/zb/





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